Boston bus accident sends 15 to the hospital

A Boston bus accident sent 15 people to the hospital on Saturday night, the Boston Herald reported.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Morton Street and Gallivan Boulevard when authorities say a van collided with the MBTA bus. Police say the van’s driver will be cited for failure to observe traffic signals.

Four people in the van — including an adult and three children — were among the injured. While 11 people on the bus, including the driver, were transported to the hospital with injuries.

The accident occurred in front of the Boston Firehouse at about 6:30 p.m.

Emergency workers said the injuries included broken bones, neck and back pain and cuts, bumps and bruises.

ABC5 reported the minivan’s driver was cited after colliding with the side of the bus.

An emergency responder told Channel 7 News that the intersection is confusing and the frequent site of Boston car accidents.

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