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Driving is a daily activity for many, but it comes with its own set of risks. While we often don’t give it a second thought, our safety on the road is influenced by a variety of factors — the condition of our vehicle, the behavior of other drivers, weather conditions, and even the time of day. However, when it comes to driving in Massachusetts, certain times are more dangerous than others.

Boston Rush Hour

Traffic Rush Hours

The most dangerous time to drive in Massachusetts is during the early evening, between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., according to a study that analyzes NHTSA data on crashes and fatal accidents. Saturday was found to have more crashes reported than any other day of the week.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a parking lot accident, the at-fault driver might not be the only partyparking-lot-1442053-300x200 responsible for the accident and your injuries.

Parking lot owners and operators are required to maintain their premises in a safe condition for both motorists and pedestrians. This includes keeping the premises well-lit and well maintained as well as installing bollards when appropriate.

Bollards are the short posts that you see in the space between parking lots, storefronts and bordering other areas where groups of pedestrians are likely to pass. These safety devices are about two to three feet in height and usually painted yellow or some other bright color. Most are made of metal or concrete and spaced out to create what’s known as a “bollard barricade.”

Motor vehicle crashes involving pedestrians rank among the worst types of crashes. They often result in serious pedestrian accidents are commoninjury or death. An unprotected pedestrian walking across the street or on the side of a road is simply no match for a speeding vehicle made of steel and weighs more than a ton.

However, a new study released in May 2020 says not all vehicles are alike when it comes to pedestrian accidents.

Despite recent design changes, sport utility vehicles, also known as SUVs, are more likely to kill pedestrians than cars, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

IIHS notes that the number of individuals killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States has dropped from more than 50,000 in 1980 to approximately 36,600 in 2018 thanks in part to safety advancements. In contrast, the number of pedestrians killed in motor vehicle collisions has been on the rise over the past ten years. Continue reading

Hit-and-run collisions are back in the news after Boston police found a women dead in the street late Thursday afternoon.

The 57-year old victim was located on Fottler and Hiawatha roads. She was pronounced deceased at the scene after “suffering from head trauma,” according to the Boston Police Department. The Associated Press reported police were searching for a dark-colored sedan with tinted windows and released blurry photos of the suspected hit-and-run driver taken from nearby security cameras. Family members of the victim made a plea for the driver, described as a long-haired, heavy set black woman, to come forward and turn herself in to police.844622_speed_2-300x168

Experienced Boston car accident lawyers know hit-and-run injury claims can be among the most difficult claims in which to recover damages. However, a personal injury or wrongful death claim may still be warranted against one or more parties. Seeking experienced legal help in the immediate aftermath of a collision is the best thing you can do to protect the financial welfare of you and your family. Continue reading

Boston car accidents in which pedestrians are hit often result in serious personal injury or death. These cases often involve substantial pain and suffering and other types of legal damages so the plaintiff’s pedestrian accident lawyer will often have to look to all possible sources of potential recovery when fighting for a full and appropriate settlement or jury verdict should the case go to trial. To make matters worse, these incidents are on the rise.

Boston car accident lawsuitsAccording to federal data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in one year alone, there nearly 5,400 pedestrians killed in traffic accidents across the nation, and this amounts to one pedestrian being killed every 1.6 hours on average.  As discussed in one article from WBUR News, these numbers seem to be increasing year over year all across the country, and we are seeing such an increase in Massachusetts as well.

Causes of Increased Pedestrian Deaths in Boston

When a car hits a pedestrian, there is often significant personal injury or death.  Due to the fact that a car weights over 2,000 pounds and is moving, and a pedestrian has almost no protection, the pedestrian would be very fortunate to only suffer minor injuries, and that is not usually the case.

Boston car accidentsFor this reason, car accident lawsuits often involve substantial damages.  Damages, which is the legal term for the monetary loss suffered in a Boston car accident, often include money for pain and suffering, lost wages, past medical bills, future medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, and other types of special damages. Continue reading

While there is nothing worse than the loss of a child, when one or both parents are also seriously injured in the same fatal car accident, it is hard to image what a family must be going through.  According to a recent news article from the Boston Globe, a five-month-old infant was killed in a fatal Boston car accident and the child’s mother was also seriously injured.

1172422_police_on_the_sceneThe fatal car accident occurred in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.  One witness has said she heard the sound of tires squealing and then a very loud crash. She first thought it was a collision involving two cars, but tragically this was not the case. When she looked to see what actually happened, she saw a woman’s body in the middle of the road in an unnaturally twisted position. Continue reading

Car accidents in which the victim is a pedestrian are often the most serious types of automobile accidents we see in Boston.  These cases are also the most likely types of car accidents to result in a fatality.

mWyoxDu-224x300According to a recent news article from the Boston Herald, a 15-year-old girl from East Boston has died in a car accident.  Authorities are reporting that this deadly pedestrian accident occurred just before 8 p.m. on a Tuesday evening.  While Boston police have not released much information on how the crash occurred, we do know that the driver stayed on the scene following the fatal accident and was cooperative with police.  Continue reading

Car accidents involving pedestrians often have some of the most tragic outcomes. It is an unfortunate fact a car weighing over 2,000 pounds can do a tremendous amount of damage to a pedestrian, even at slow speeds. At faster speeds, the accident often ends in a fatality.

1172422_police_on_the_sceneAccording to a recent news report from WWLP, a pedestrian was recently killed after being dragged hundreds of feet in a hit and run accident in Western Massachusetts. Authorities say they are looking for surveillance that may help them locate the suspect who allegedly struck a pedestrian on Route 5 with his or her car and then continued to drive hundreds of feet with the victim trapped beneath the vehicle. The victim died in this horrific crash crash, and the suspect allegedly kept driving and never stopped to wait for police and emergency personnel to arrive.

Police are not certain of the exact time of the accident but believe it occurred between one and two in the morning. The unknown suspect allegedly hit victim just south of a McDonald’s restaurant and then dragged him underneath the car for around 300 feet. At this point, the suspect is believed to have a made a sharp turn, and victim’s body was thrown from beneath the fleeing car.
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According to a recent article from NBC News a verbal dispute turned deadly for one pedestrian when it resulted in a fatal five-car accident. The accident occurred on an early Sunday morning.

helicopter-1335914-mAuthorities say a woman got into an argument with a man before the man got in his car and drove away. The woman followed the man, according to police, and hit his car with her vehicle. After she hit his car, he lost control and struck a pedestrian and three other cars. The accident occurred around three in the morning in the Washington Park neighborhood of Chicago.

When first responders arrived on the scene, they found the pedestrian seriously injured. EMTs transported him to a local hospital, where doctors later pronounced him dead. Police placed the female driver under arrest, and officers are questioning the male driver, as well, but no charges have been filed against him.
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