Boston Motorists at Risk During the 100 Deadliest Days

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there is a significantly increased risk of auto accidents in Boston and throughout the United States. CNN reported on the elevated collision risk, which has grown worse in recent years. The dangers of summer driving accidents are so substantial, this period of time has actually been given a name: The 100 deadliest days of summer. There are numerous reasons why crashes are so prevalent in summer, ranging from high-risk holidays such as Fourth of July to more people traveling on road trips to teens being out of school and thus driving more often. summer injury

Motorists should be aware of the risk – especially teen drivers. Drivers need to try to avoid contributing to the problem, and to make sure they make smart choices while out on the roads so they reduce the chances of being injured or killed in a collision.

Unfortunately, even when drivers do everything right, reckless and negligent operators still cause collisions. If an accident occurs and you believe another driver was to blame for it, you can obtain compensation for losses by proving the other driver’s negligence caused your crash. A Boston car accident lawyer can provide help in making your damage claim.

Protecting Yourself During the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer

More than 5,000 people have lost their lives in fatal automobile accidents involving teenage drivers during the 100 deadliest days, according to CNN. One of the best ways to reduce crash rates is for parents to set ground rules for kids and enforce those rules so young people don’t hurt themselves or others. No matter what parents do, however, it is likely teens will keep taking risks in the summer, especially if they have free time on their hands and they may not be supervised as closely by parents who must keep working, even when the weather turns warm.

Drivers need to protect themselves from unsafe teens, holiday drunk drivers, and other menaces on the road. The best way for every motorist to do this is to remain alert and attentive. Drivers should not be distracted by their smartphones, infotainment devices, or any other distractions like eating while driving or reaching for something while driving.

A driver who is paying careful attention could spot erratic or dangerous behavior on the part of other drivers much more easily than someone who is not paying attention. Once a driver spots a problem, he can try to get out of the way of the car behaving erratically and dangerously and can contact law enforcement if it is appropriate to do so.

Drives should also ensure they leave a safe following distance between their own vehicle and the lead vehicle, which could come to a sudden stop at any time. If a driver is tailgating, the motorist faces a substantially greater risk of a rear-end collision if the front driver must react to something quickly. By leaving space, you will give yourself more time to avoid an accident if a driver in the front does something unexpected and potentially unsafe.

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