Boston School Bus Accident Injures Pedestrian, Kills Dog

Motor vehicle crashes involving pedestrians can be among the most serious car accidents. They are very traumatic for those involved.

According to a recent news article from the Boston Globe, a school bus hit a man and his dog around 7:30 in the morning at the intersection of Columbus Avenue and Dartmouth Street in Boston.

910927_school_bus.jpgWhile no students are reported to have been injured in the bus crash, the dog was killed in the accident, and the man was taken to Tuffs Medical Center. Police have not released his name or his condition following the accident.

The driver stayed on the scene following the accident and called police and his supervisors, who responded to the Boston car accident. The bus was said to be part of a program to transport minority students from racially imbalanced schools in Boston to schools in surrounding neighborhoods.

Police have not stated what they suspect caused this tragic accident, and school officials are reportedly waiting for more facts to come out before making a public statement pertaining to causation. The school has, however, said it provided students with any counseling needed and will continue to provide any needed support for students affected by this bus accident.

If you have been involved in a car accident where cause remains under investigation, one of the most important things you can do is to gather as much information as possible to assist your Boston car accident lawyer in preparing your case for settlement negotiations or to take your case to trial. Your attorney will be able send his or her car accident investigator out to the scene to take pictures, record the location of surveillance cameras, and speak with employees of local businesses who may have witnessed the accident. It should also be noted that when an accident involves a bus or other city-operated vehicle, the vehicle itself may have cameras on board which can be useful in preparing your case.

If you are able to get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident before they leave the scene, this may be extremely helpful to your attorney when preparing a your case. Once those people leave, it will very difficult to find them, especially months later.

While the police will investigate an accident and try to determine the cause, they may not get the names of any or all witnesses. After all, this is not a crime they are investigating (unless at-fault driver was drunk), and they are not preparing for testifying during a criminal trial. They are also not generally concerned about your ability to prove a civil negligence case.

Another thing you should do is never refuse medical attention offered by first responders. While you may not feel like you need to go the hospital, it is better to get checked out and make sure you are okay. This is especially important in car accident cases, because head and neck injuries may not become apparent until days after the accident.

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