Choice in vehicles can impact injury risk in Boston car accidents

Choosing a passenger vehicle is a matter of personal choice but Boston drivers should rank safety high on their list when deciding which kind of vehicle to drive. Our Boston car accident attorneys see the type of vehicle a motorist drives can frequently influence the severity of the injuries that occur as a result of a crash.

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System, used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a total of 45,435 vehicles involved in fatal crashes in 2009. Passenger cars accounted for 18,350 of the vehicles involved, or just over 40%, while light trucks accounted 17,902, slightly under 40 percent.
Massachusetts in 2009, reported a total of 441 vehicles involved in fatal crashes. Similar to national stats, just under 80% of vehicles involved were either passenger cars (49%) or light trucks (30.8%).

Rollover crashes are one of the most serious types of crashes mostly due to the fact that the chance of passengers being seriously or fatally injured is much higher. As was recently reported in Boston by the Boston Channel, two young adults were killed in a roll over crash. Though it is believed that speeding and driving under the influence both played a roll in the accident, the two victims were trapped and killed instantly when their vehicle was found upside down after hitting a tree.

Last year in the United States, FARS reported 16.4% of fatal rollover accidents involved a passenger car vehicle as opposed to 28.2% of light trucks that were involved in fatal roll over accidents. Massachusetts in 2009 reported a total of 55 vehicles involved in fatal rollover accidents.

Two major factors play a role in rollover accidents – you and your passenger vehicle. Use the following safety tips in order to reduce the chances of a rollover accident from happening:

-Choose your passenger vehicle wisely – vehicles with a high center of gravity have a tendency to flip over so research before you purchase.

-Avoid high speeds on curvy roads or making excessive lane changes.

-Awareness of road conditions is a necessity as rain, sleet, or fog can force a vehicle off the road in unfamiliar territory and could result in a rollover accident.

-Perform routine maintenance checks on your vehicle. Checking brakes, tires, and fluids keep the vehicle working properly.

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