Massachusetts DOT to Bostonians: “Use Yah Blinkah”

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) is revamping an old message to Boston drivers. In a dialect that locals will understand, the DOT is urging drivers to, “Use yah blinkah.” The agency is hoping to get the attention of drivers and remind them to use a blinker when changing lanes. While the localized slogan is catchy and clever, it is also critical, as failure to signal a lane change can cause serious accidents and injuries.


Communication with other drivers on the road is important to preventing accidents and injuries. While we can take clues from drivers through their speed, direction and other factors, we also expect drivers to use their blinkers to indicate when they will be turning or making a lane change. Failure to do so is a leading cause of accidents. Our Boston car accident attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness to prevent accidents and injuries. We are also experienced advocates who provide strategic counsel to victims in the event of a pedestrian, bike, car or truck accident.

According to a study published by the Society of Automotive Engineers, the failure to use a turn signal cause approximately 2 million accidents in the United States every year. This translates into hundreds of thousands of accidents, injuries, and the wrongful death of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. The study followed 12,000 vehicles and documented that 25% of drivers failed to use a turn signal. Research also revealed that almost half of drivers failed to use a signal when turning lanes. This is especially dangerous for drivers traveling at high speeds on the nation’s interstates.

The DOT efforts to get Boston drivers to “use a blinkah,” is not without consequence. The SAE study reveals that 1-2 million accidents could be prevented every year if drivers followed the law and used their blinkers when changing lanes or when making turns. Though distracted driving is a significant concern for legislators and other government officials, the SAE study indicates that there are more accidents caused by failure to use a signal than by distracted driving.

Any accident arising out of negligence should be of concern to lawmakers and motorists. While you may take necessary precautions when you are behind the wheel, you could be at risk with other reckless or negligent drivers on the road. If you or someone you love has been in an accident, remember that you do have rights. An experienced advocate can review your case, help determine an independent cause of the accident and pursue necessary claims against responsible individuals or entities. Failure to use a blinker is a traffic violation and can also be used as evidence of negligence in a personal injury claim.

Drivers who fail to use their blinkers are putting other motorists at risk. While the implementation of Smart Turn Signals (STS) by automobile manufacturers may be a solution, raising awareness is also critical. STS sends drivers a message when they fail to use a signal, much like seat belt alarms remind us to buckle up. Recent efforts by the DOT is making national headlines and potentially raising awareness for all drivers to “use yah blinkah” when changing lanes or making a turn.

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