Massachusetts Traffic Crash Data Now Easier to Analyze

Analyzing traffic crash statistics in Massachusetts just got easier.

In the past, researchers had problems culling data about statewide traffic crashes because, according to the Cambridge Systematics.

Sheila Burgess, the highway safety division’s director, praised the database, saying “This tool allows us and other stakeholders to more effectively identify problem locations and target human and financial resources to the areas of greatest need.”

Creating the database was a priority for officials with the division, which cites motor vehicle crashes as the cause of 425 deaths and 4,500 serious injuries in the state each year. Those Boston crashes cost the state an estimated $6.3 billion annually.

MassTrac is expected to give officials a clearer picture the full scope of the top traffic problems throughout our state.

But the hope is the spread of information won’t stop there.

On the agenda for future enhancements of the system are more road characteristics, greater detail on traffic volume and more data on crime.

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