National Senior Driver Expo Tour to Discuss Elderly Residents and their Risks of Car Accidents in Massachusetts

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is hosting this year’s National Senior Driver Expo Tour and it’s heading to Boston on the 29th and 30th of October. This national tour has already stopped in dozens of cities throughout the country and will be making its way down the east coast this fall, according to The Auto Channel. The Expo aims to raise awareness about the increased risks that many of our elderly drivers face that can result in car accidents in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Our Boston car accident attorneys understand that elderly drivers may not even be aware that they’re facing any great dangers on our roadways. For this reason it is very important for us to keep an eye on our elderly loved ones. With age comes deteriorating senses, including a loss in vision, sight and hearing. A loss in any of these senses can put our loved ones at extreme risks for a potentially fatal traffic accident.

The Senior Driver Expos are a key step in AAA’s comprehensive plan to help our aging population to stay mobile and safe well into their golden years.

“Exhibits will feature products that can help assess and improve driving skills and reduce driving risks,” said Jake Nelson, AAA director of traffic safety research and analysis.

This Expo is just like a community health-fair. This event offers hands-on opportunities for residents to try out some easy-to-use tools that can help keep elderly drivers safer behind the wheel. Many of these tools are even free!

Boston’s AAA Senior Driver Expos information:

Date: October 29th and 30th Title: New England Boomers and Seniors Expo Location: Seaport World Trade Center Host: AAA Southern New England
During this senior expo, the following resources will be on display for elderly drivers to try out: This is a senior-oriented website that offers drivers with advice, tips, programs, science-based tools and other activities that will help them determine the issues that are hindering their driving abilities. The site also provides these individuals with ways to navigate through their physical obstacles.

-AAA Roadwise Review This is a computerized screening process that will help elderly residents to measure their ability to navigate our roadways. This test is based on functional abilities that have been scientifically linked to motor-vehicle accident risks and elderly drivers.

-CarFit: =This is a program that is used to make sure that a senior citizen’s vehicle fits their needs. Oftentimes vehicles can be adjusted to make sure they fit the driver to obtain the maximum safety.

-Smart Features for Mature Drivers: This is a guide that will be provided to attendees of the expo that helps elderly residents to properly identify features in their vehicle that can help them to deal with visual, physical and mental changes more effectively.

Oftentimes elderly drivers may be putting around town increasing risks of car accidents for everyone as they may not be able to recognize their inability to effectively navigate the roadway anymore. It is important that we keep an eye on our older loved ones to help to keep them and others on our roadways safe. This may be a tough topic for your elderly ones to discuss so remember to approach the subject with care, compassion and concern.

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