Aggressive enforcement necessary to reduce number of Boston pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents

Our Massachusetts injury lawyers continue to write about the dangers of Boston pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. We applaud the Baltimore crackdown on speeders, aggressive drivers and other traffic scofflaws in accident prone areas. The city’s Street Smart campaign will target lawbreakers through the remainder of summer in an effort to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and should be replicated here.

This video shows the drastic difference of driving through a residential area at 35 mph as opposed to 25 mph. At 25 mph, the car is able to stop for the child in the crosswalk. At 35 mph, the child is struck and very likely killed. At 35 mph, it took 44 feet to stop. At 40 mph, it took 57 feet and the accident would have surely been fatal.


The campaign will target aggressive driving behavior, including tailgating, weaving from lane to lane, unsafe passing, running traffic signals and speeding. And it is the last of these — speeding — that remains the most socially acceptable and among the most dangerous.

The state reports that 70 percent of pedestrians killed last year were involved in accidents on roads where the speed limit is 35 mph or less. More than 500 children were among last year’s accident victims.

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