Proper instruction and supervision of teen drivers reduces risk of Massachusetts car accident

Our Massachusetts car accident lawyers have recently reported on our Boston Car Accident Lawyer blog that parents can reduce the risk of their teen being involved in a traffic crash simply by spending more diverse and instructive time supervising them during the permitting process.

Car accidents kill more teenagers each year than suicide, homicide and cancer. The AAA Foundation reports that in 2008, more than 800,000 drivers aged 15 to 18 were involved in car accidents which claimed the lives of 3,431 vehicle occupants and injured 350,000.

Recently the AAA Foundation undertook a year-long in-depth study of supervised driving and found that student drivers were not getting enough practice driving at night, in bad weather, or in heavy-traffic conditions on city roads, highways or interstates. Nor was there enough dialogue between parent and child regarding defensive driving or navigating safely through unexpected driving situations.

One key element to cultivating good driving skills in your teen is being a good example, AAA Massachusetts reports. To help parents and teens make the most of their shared time behind the wheel, the State of Illinois produced a parent-teen driving guide that provides instructive tips for a few common and more complex driving skills teen need to master. They include:


~ Before putting the vehicle in reverse, check all around the vehicle for pedestrians, other cars or objects (like mailboxes). Physically turn your body, don’t just rely upon side- and rear-view mirrors.

~ Backing up is a “walking speed” activity. It’s easy to get disoriented with the mechanics of moving in reverse, so you want to tackle the process at a low rate of speed. Keep your foot lightly hovering over the brake pedal and remember that tiny steering corrections can have a big impact in the direction of your vehicle. Turn the wheel gently, slowly and thoughtfully.


~ Working emergency vehicle ALWAYS have the right-of-way in any traffic situation and most states have some form of “move over” law on the books that requires drivers to slow down and change lanes when approaching an emergency vehicle or if one is coming up from behind.

~ If another driver isn’t obeying right-of-way “chain of command” – don’t resist or obstruct them. Let them proceed to avoid and accident or prevent a road-rage incident.

~ When making a left turn, oncoming traffic has the right-of-way. Just because you have a green light, does not mean it is safe to proceed. Before you move, check traffic and road conditions to make sure you have a clear path where you are heading and a safe entry zone.

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