Traffic Accidents in Quincy Getting Worse

Car accidents in Quincy are becoming increasingly common, according to the Quincy Herald-Whig. At the same time, law enforcement officials in the area say that they aren’t too concerned with the more than 4 percent increase. In 2012, a decade low of about 1,150 accidents happened, which rose to more than 1,170 last year.
“At some point it was going to level out, so we might see it fluctuate up and down for a while now,” said Quincy Police Officer Neal Meyer.

Our car accident lawyers in Quincy understand that this isn’t all bad news. Since 2004, the total number of traffic accidents has dropped more than 29 percent. In the last nine years, the number of accidents has dropped from the previous year in seven of them. Still, Meyer continues to keep his eyes on the city’s accident statistics and points out that the inclement weather experienced throughout the year may have been the cause of the increase in traffic collisions. In 2013, there were more than 225 accidents that happened on snowy or icy streets. That’s a more than 97 percent increase from the previous year.

Not only were there more accidents in 2013, but there were also more injuries. According to statistics, there were more than 200 accidents resulting in some 270 injuries for the year — an increase of close to 40 injury crashes and nearly 70 injuries from the prior year.

In 2013, there were three people killed in traffic accidents. Two of them happened in motorcycle accidents.

Other Statistics of Note:

-Seat belt usage increased to more than 93 percent of all drivers.

-There were close to 200 seat-belt citations handed out throughout the year. Officers issued an increase of nearly 60 percent of these tickets.

-There were close to 10 more arrests for drinking and driving. There were six fewer drunk driving accidents, compared to the previous year.

-Speeding tickets: In 2013, there were close to 600 speeding tickets issued in Quincy, a 22 drop from the year before. Speed-related accidents dropped from the previous year.

From time to time, we all seem to forget just how important safe and alert driving habits are. You must constantly be aware of your surroundings – the cars around you, your speed and potential hazards.

Always make sure that the mirrors are adjusted appropriately. Check to make sure that every passenger in your vehicle is properly buckled before shifting it into drive. Always use the appropriate signals. Be sure to stay on the lookout for potential hazards by checking your mirrors often and looking not only at the cars directly ahead of you, but the cars that are ahead of them. These few reminders and safety adjustments could wind up saving your life.

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