Unexpected Winter Storms and Dangers of Car Accidents in Massachusetts

Don’t you just love the winter weather here in Boston? Okay, maybe not. Yes, it can be dangerous, but there are ways to help minimize these dangers and to help minimize the risks of a winter-related car accident in Massachusetts.
Recently, Mayor Menino made an announcement urging drivers in the state to be careful on our roadways as we’re experiencing spurts of dangerous snow. Much of this weather affects our safety on the road, especially during busy morning and evening commutes.

Our Boston personal injury attorneys understand that a meeting was recently held, between the Mayor and his Snow Team, to discuss the most recent storm-related information and the emergency response plan to help residents through the dangerous snowy weather. These kinds of plans are important and need to be in place because the weather throughout the state can be unpredictable. The early-March storm in Boston is a perfect example of that. At one time, we were expected to get about 6 inches of snow, but officials we unable to certify that statement as the weather tends change unexpectedly. Regardless, the mayor’s Snow Team continues to stay on top of weather conditions to help them to make educated decisions regarding emergency response and resident assistance.

“We’ve enjoyed a mild winter so far, but the season is not over yet,” said Mayor Menino. “The City is preparing for winter weather and we’re asking residents and commuters to do the same, particularly during the evening and early morning commuting hours.”

The Snow Team isn’t the only organization working to prepare for dangerous winter storms. Crews with the Boston Public Works are also working diligently to prepare for such weather. Preparations include readying snow-removal equipment and pre-treating roadways through the district’s yards.

To help prepare residents, the mayor recommends the following:

-Use public transportation when you can. Use these modes of transportation to avoid driving on slippery, snowy or icy roadways. Using public transportation will also help to clear the roads for emergency vehicles and for snow-plowing equipment.

-Those who own property in the area are reminded to sand and salt both stairs and sidewalks. These methods help to help minimize slippery surfaces and injuries.

-Residents should shovel out basins that are near or on their property to help public safety agencies to protect against flooding.

-Residents should shovel out fire hydrants to help public safety agencies in the event of an emergency.

-Keep an eye on your elderly neighbors and family members in the area.

If you have any questions regarding the weather or preparation efforts, you’re urged to call the Mayor’s Hotline at (617) 635-4500. This is a 24-hour hotline. Residents are also urged to sign up for ALERTBoston. This is the city’s emergency notification system and can help to keep you in the loop regarding evacuations, missing persons, unexpected road closures, severe weather and more.

If you or someone in your family has been injured or killed in a winter-related car accident in Boston or elsewhere in the surrounding areas, contact Massachusetts Injury Lawyer Jeffrey S. Glassman. We offer free and confidential appointments to discuss your rights. Call 877-617-5333.

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