Weather-Related Accidents a Summer Risk in Massachusetts

While winter storms can be a hazard, many drivers do not consider the very real danger of summer storms. A drizzle can make the roads slick and a thunderstorm, tornado, or downpour can severe reduce visibility and create dangerous conditions for drivers. Summer storms can create a number of hazards for drivers, passengers and other motorists, so it is important to use caution during the summer rainy season.

While you may know that tornadoes and hurricanes can cause injury, you may not realize the significant number of injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. The Federal Highway Administration reports that over 7,000 Americans are killed every year in weather related accidents. “Weather related” crashes are defined as accidents that occur during storms and other dangerous weather conditions, including rain, sleet, snow, tornadoes, or heavy fog. Our Boston car accident attorneys are dedicated to helping victims uncover the true cause of an accident and recover compensation for their injuries.


Summer weather conditions can reduce visibility and create a slick pavement. A car may hydroplane or a driver can lose control causing the car to careen off the side of the road or into oncoming traffic. Reducing the number of weather related accidents requires raising awareness among motorists. Safety officials and lawmakers are taking additional steps this summer to promote highway safety and to reduce the number of weather related car accidents.

In addition to driver awareness, automobile manufacturers and other private enterprises are developing new “storm technology” to help quickly locate storms and inform all drivers on the road. Cars that communicate with one another can identify dangerous driving areas and then communicate that information to other drivers 10, 20, or even trailing by 100 miles. Advanced warnings can ensure that drivers are on the lookout and aware of dangerous conditions ahead. New technologies would be able to warn other drivers about snow, thunderstorms, fog, tornados, and white-outs.

Slick roads and low visibility can be very dangerous to drivers, passengers and other motorists. When extra precaution is not taken during a storm, negligent or reckless drivers can be putting other motorists at risk. Adverse driving conditions require that all drivers pay attention and keep their eyes on the road. Texting and other driver distractions can increase the risk of stormy conditions. When you are distracted you may not have the reaction time necessary to react to slowed traffic or other dangerous conditions. If you have a teen driver hitting the road for the first time this summer, they should be aware of the dangers of adverse weather, especially when combined with distracted driving.

This summer, whether you are heading to work, taking the kids to the beach, or getting on the freeway for an extended summer vacation out of town, remember to take extra precaution under stormy conditions. To prevent an accident under adverse weather conditions you should keep your headlights on. When visibility is impacted by the storm, consider pulling over until the storm is over.

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