Winter Jackets May Hinder Car Seat Effect

Parents must make countless decisions everyday to keep young children safe in the event of a car accident. Purchasing the right car seat, making sure children are buckled up, and practicing safe driving habits are some of the necessary precautions. According to a number of recent reports, parents may now have an additional consideration when buckling their kids into car seats. After a tragic accident, investigators have determined that babies in heavy winter coats or snow suits may not be safe in car seats.


While many accidents cannot be prevented, following regulations and heeding safety warnings can prevent injury and fatalities in the event of a collision. Our Boston car accident attorneys are experienced in handing claims on behalf of accident victims and their loved ones. We are also dedicated to staying abreast of safety issues and concerns that can impact motorists and our community.

A recent accident is being investigated after a child in a snowsuit was ejected from a car seat. Analysts suggest that heavy winter coats and car seats are not compatible and can compromise your child’s safety. According to the accident reports, a 19-year-old mother buckled her 6-month-old son into a car seat in the middle of the backseat. This is reportedly the safest place for a car seat because the child is in the center space of the vehicle in the event that a car is struck on either side.

The mother continued on a road that she wasn’t familiar with. As it got dark, she realized she was lost and reached to turn the volume on her GPS. The 19-year-old swerved across the median and struck a truck driven by a 35-year-old woman with two sons, aged 5 and 2. After the accident, the woman I the truck found that the car seat had ejected the baby. She heard the baby crying and ran towards a snow bank where she found the 6-month-old. Investigators suspect that the snow bank softened the fall for the infant.

While everyone involved called the accident a miracle, it also sheds light on an important car seat safety question: how was the child ejected from the car seat? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the accident to answer this question. The car seat was new and should have been fully effective. Even though the infant was properly secured, he was ejected with the seat was ripped from the car, still attached to the seatbelt.

Some suspect that his winter snow suit was too bulky to keep him safe in the car seat. A coat that adds bulk can compress, leaving room between the baby and straps. Some analysts suggest that this room between the straps and the baby could result in the infant being ejected.

While no evidence has proven this theory, many reports and online forums are suggesting that parents be wary of their child’s clothing when putting them into a car seat. Always check that the child is secured and that there isn’t bulk between the jacket and the car seat.

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