Another Wrong-Way Collision: Fatal Accident on I-495

Wrong-way accidents are being studied as one of the most common causes of highway fatalities. In a recent Boston case, 7 vehicles were involved in a fatal wrong-way collision on I-495. According to CBS Local, the driver who was at fault for the seven car collision on Interstate 495 was killed and identified the day after the collision. The case illustrates the significant risk posed by wrong-way motorists and points to the need for additional study and preventative measures.


Though not all accidents are preventable, studying the underlying cause of collisions can help to prevent them in the future. In cases involving wrong-way collisions, the cause may involve improper signage, the use of alcohol, or other unforeseeable issues that may guide the driver the wrong-way on an exit or on-ramp. Our Boston car accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of accident victims and to staying abreast of safety issues throughout Massachusetts. We are committed to raising awareness and accident investigation to prevent future injuries and fatalities.

Police records indicate that the 39-year-old driver was behind the wheel of a 2006 Honda Accord when he entered the southbound lanes in Plainville. At the instant of collision, the driver was ejected from his vehicle and killed on impact. There were a total of 7 cars involved in the collision and three others were injured in the pile-up, which shut down the southbound lane for over 3 hours. Though none of these injuries were life-threatening, they did require hospitalization.

The case is still under investigation, but officials are not decided on what caused the crash. Before the accident, night officers were responding to reports of a vehicle traveling the wrong way. A passenger in one of the cars that was struck said that she saw headlights coming at them and in seconds the car was sailing across 495. The car flew sideways and ricocheted off the first car, which spurred a chain reaction. Several other vehicles were involved in the accident. The passenger, who was not injured, was also an off-duty officer and jumped out of her vehicle, though there was nothing she could do to save the driver.

According to the Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis, 1 in 300 accidents involving an injury or wrongful death will involve a wrong-way driver. One of the reasons the accidents are so scrutinized is because they are highly likely to result in serious injury or fatality. The reports indicate that 20-40% of wrong-way accidents originate at interstate junctions, service stations, or parking areas. There are four main factors involved in wrong-way accidents including reckless driving or DUI, inattention or carelessness, such as falling asleep behind the wheel, failure to understand traffic rules, or dementia and illness.

A better understanding of wrong-way accidents can help to ensure proper signage, education and prevention of serious accidents and injuries. Individuals who are involved in wrong-way collisions should consult with an experienced advocate to investigate their case.

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