Boston bicycle accidents an ongoing concern even as cycling crashes decline nationwide

The 2009 data on pedalcyclist was recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

For this data a pedalcyclist is a rider of pedal powered vehicles that have 2 non-motorized wheels or are a unicycle or tricycle. Our Boston personal injury lawyers remind you to ride safely to prevent a Massachusetts bicycle accident. While Boston was made significant improvements to its cycling infrastructure, riders still face the risk of serious or fatal injury in the event of a crash.
In 2009, there were 630 fatal bicycle accidents nationwide — down 12 percent from the more than 700 killed from 2008 and the lowest number in nearly a decade. More than 51,000 were seriously injured in bicycle accidents.

Some statistics from the report on nationwide bicycle accidents:

-The average age of crash fatalities is 41.

-Crashes occur in urban areas 70% of the time.

-Males accounted for 87% of the deaths and 80% of the injuries.

-Alcohol was involved by either the rider or driver in 40% of the crashes.

-33% of fatal crashes happened at intersections.

-Day time fatal crashes increased by 6% and night time crashes decreased by 13% from 2008.

Massachusetts had 6 cyclists killed in 2009.

The City of Cambridge Police Department remind cyclists of the following:

-Bicyclists must obey all traffic laws, must ride single file, should stay to the right of the roadway unless directed otherwise, and should always use hand signals.

-Bicycles can not be ridden on a sidewalk in the following area: (cyclist need to walk their bike, ride on the street or take another route) .

-Harvard Sq.

-Central Sq. business districts, as well as some newly created banned areas:

-Inman Sq.

-Huron Village

-Mass. Ave., from Wendell St. and Shepard St. to Russell St. and Cogswel

-Somerville Ave (entirely)

-Bicyclists when riding on a sidewalk must ride at a speed equal to a normal walk, give an audible warning before passing a pedestrian and remember that pedestrians have the right of way.

-Bicyclist will not pass to the right of a bus at a bus stop or ever be towed by another vehicle.

-Bicyclist riding between dusk and dawn must have a red light or reflector on the rear of their bike, have a white headlight on the front and have side reflectors.

-It is recommended that everyone wear a helmet while riding but riders 16 and younger must wear one when riding on public roads.

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