Boston Bus Accident Injures Dozens of High School Students

On February 3, 2013, a group of high school students traveled to visit Harvard University. The group of 42, including students and chaperones, chartered a bus to take them to Harvard from their home in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, while in Boston, a serious bus accident occurred when the charter bus hit a bridge. According to NPR, emergency responders indicated that at least 32 people on the bus were injured as a result of the crash. One passenger faced life-threatening injuries and several others had serious injuries.

Our Boston bus accident lawyers express our condolences to the victims and the family members as they recover from this accident. Unfortunately, it appears that this bus accident was entirely preventable and we also urge bus drivers to take heed of this crash as a warning to always pay careful attention when entrusted with the lives of passengers. 1140579_prohibitory_traffic_sign.jpg

The Boston Bus Accident on Soldier’s Field Road
The bus accident occurred when the driver of the charter bus disregarded signs indicating a maximum height limit for the road he was on. The road had a clear height limit of 10 feet and the signs indicated that oversized vehicles were not authorized or permitted on the road. The driver, who is also a school bus driver in addition to a charter bus driver, allegedly ignored the signs and continued to proceed on the road anyway.

The bus subsequently struck on overpass on Soldier’s Field Road, which is a major crosstown road in Boston. The crash occurred at approximately 7:30 PM on Saturday evening and some passengers were trapped on the bus for over an hour as rescue crews attempted to help them to get out of the vehicle. Those who needed immediate medical assistance where taken to the hospital upon being removed from the bus, including the person whose injuries were potentially life threatening.

The bus was severely damaged in the crash, with the front of the roof pushed inward and the center section pushed sharply downward. Because of the damage, some victims had to exit the bus through the top of the vehicle. Some witnesses indicate that this was accomplished by using boards to extract people. Firefighters were able to get all of the victims out of the vehicle by 9:00 P.M., nearly two hours after the initial crash occurred.

The driver at the accident scene will likely receive a citation for an over-height violation, according to the state police who arrived at the crash scene. However, as of this time, it remains to be seen if the driver will face additional charges for disregarding the warnings and causing the accident.

The drivers careless and negligent failure to obey the rules had a clear and immediate impact on the lives of all those involved in the accident. For those more seriously hurt, the consequences of the crash may be felt for a long time and the bus driver and bus company are liable for the harm caused.

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