Massachusetts Truck Driver in Fatal Hit and Run Identified

According to the Woburn Patch, a 24-year-old Massachusetts man was killed in January by a tractor trailer. The tractor trailer did not stop at the accident scene but instead continued driving until state police found what they believe to be the vehicle shortly after midnight.

Our Boston truck accident attorneys were saddened to hear of this tragic accident. We hope the investigation into the accident reveals that law enforcement has the correct truck in custody and that the cause of the accident is determined so the family members of the deceased man can get justice.1329363_a_truck.jpg

Hit and Run Complicates Truck Accident Case
The fatal truck accident occurred at approximately 11:00 PM on Tuesday evening. The young man who was killed was walking in the westbound travel lane near Route 395 north when the crash occurred. Law enforcement responded to the scene and investigated the crash. Unfortunately, the truck driver had left the accident scene.

Police tracked the truck driver and believe they have identified the truck that was involved in the crash. The truck was impounded by law enforcement and, while nothing has been confirmed yet, preliminary reports indicated that it appeared the truck had been in a crash. The identity of the 44-year-old truck driver has not yet been released but he was taken into police custody.

This tragic case illustrates the dangers of hit and run crashes as well as the complications that can arise from these types of accidents. Truck accidents are always dangerous and put pedestrians and other drivers at great risk. Truck drivers have a duty to be safe and to look out for others on the road and are expected under Massachusetts’ law to stop if they have caused a crash or hit someone.

A driver of a truck, like all drivers, not only must stop when he is involved in a crash with a pedestrian or another car but should also provide assistance if someone has been hurt. Calling 911, for example, could potentially help to save the life of a truck accident victim and should be the first thing that a truck driver does after a wreck.

While the driver cannot assist the accident victim in such cases, he can provide information to law enforcement. Further, the truck driver will need to make his insurance information and identity known. The victims of the accident (or in this case, the surviving family members of the deceased victim) can then use the information provided to take legal action against the truck driver or trucking company to obtain compensation.

When a hit and run occurs, things become more complicated as law enforcement needs to first track down the truck driver and then needs to prove that the truck they have identified was involved in the crash. Adding this extra work for law enforcement is not going to help the truck driver avoid liability however, because if the truck driver is found, he can still be held accountable both civilly and criminally for his wrongdoing. In fact, not only can the driver still be sued for the truck accident and still be held accountable for wrongdoing such as reckless or drunk driving, but he can also face charges for the illegal act of leaving the scene of an injury crash.

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