Boston Marathon Bombing Hero Tried to Rescue Car Crash Victim

According to a recent news feature from the Boston Herald, a Boston firefighter who was hailed as a hero after his rescue work on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing was involved in a rescue attempt in what proved to be a fatal Weymouth car crash.  On the day of the bombing, this rescue worker provided medical attention at the finish line and comfort to an eight-year-old boy who was fatally wounded and his seriously injured younger sister.

mQo4CWyAuthorities say a 15-year-old girl died in the car wreck that happened outside of the firefighter’s home in Weymouth, Massachusetts. This local hero was in his bed when he heard the car crash outside his home.  The car collided with the street light directly in front of his house, according to witnesses. 

This firefighter said the sport utility vehicle crashed into the utility pole and then headed into his own front yard.  The SUV hit his car and actually flipped over his car and landed in the yard of the house next to his.  He said the car was mangled badly, and he also said there were not skid marks, and he did not hear any brakes.

As our Boston car accident attorneys have seen in many cases, skid marks are an indication that a car attempted to stop prior to a collision.  An absence of skid marks can be used in some car accident cases to show that an alleged at-fault driver was unware of the danger ahead.  In some cases, this is because the driver is distracted or intoxicated.  Many distractions are evidence of negligence, because the distraction is caused by a negligent action like using a cellular telephone to send or read a text message or playing with a GPS, for example.

When the man ran outside of his home, he saw two male occupants of the vehicle that were already out of the SUV and standing without assistance.  They appeared okay, but the teenage girl with them was in far worse shape. He saw that there was blood in her airway, so he tried to roll her on her side to let the blood flow out, and then he tried to restart her heart with chest compression.  He said she was breathing and had a weak pulse when the ambulance arrived, and they attempted to get her to a level-one trauma center for medical treatment.  It is not known if she survived the ambulance ride, but once she was at the hospital, she was soon pronounced dead as a result of the fatal Boston area car accident.

It should be noted that nobody has been cited with any moving violation or charged with any crime as of this time, and the cause of this fatal single-vehicle accident is still under investigation.  It is also not known whether the two men in the car were ejected from the vehicle or exited it after the accident.   The cause of death has not been released, but the rescue worker said it was due to what he called severe trauma to the face and head.

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