Boston Teens Practice Safe Driving to Avoid Car Accidents Around the Holidays

A teen car accident over Thanksgiving weekend highlighted several examples of how bad decisions can lead to a chain reaction of severe consequences. The only positive is that no one involved in the Massachusetts car accident suffered life-threatening injuries or had to be transported to a hospital emergency room.
WPRI reports a 16-year-old took his father’s car for a ride without asking permission on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. This poor decision had several negative consequences including a crash with another vehicle, fleeing the scene of an accident, the vehicle catching on fire and several charges as a result of the accident.

The teen driver, after crashing into a 2000 Pontiac with two passengers, was later found walking West on Route 1 about a half-mile away. He was picked up by police and later identified by a witness after he was brought back to the scene. The vehicle the teen was driving caught fire after a spark ignited a flame, but firefighters were able to put out the fire before too much damage was done. Attleboro Police are charging the teen with operating an unregistered vehicle, driving without a license, driving under the influence of alcohol and leaving the scene of an accident. The teen was released under his father’s custody and awaits a court date with an Attleboro Juvenile Court judge.

Car accident attorneys in Quincy, Attleboro, Worcester, Norwood and elsewhere in the state know that roadways will be extra congested from now until the end of the year, so there is no time like the present to exercise caution every time you get behind the wheel.

Teenagers who make bad decisions can expect to face severe consequences, which is why it is so important to practice safe driving during the busy holiday season.

Teens are reminded of these general tips from

-If multiple drivers use a family vehicle, adjust the mirrors, seat and headrest to fit your size each time you get behind the wheel.

-Limit teen passengers and never overload the vehicle with more passengers than are meant to ride safely in the vehicle.

-Always follow posted speed limit. Speeding makes it difficult to stop or avoid contact when a dangerous situation arises.

-Never make motorists play a guessing game. Communicate with turn signals, blinking lights or hand gestures when changing lanes or waiting at a four-way stop sign.

-Never drink and expect to drive. Underage drinking is extremely dangerous and puts you and other motorists at severe risk of injury or death.

-Check the gas gauge when you start the engine to make sure you have plenty of gas to get to your destination.

Teens who drive cautiously are making smart decisions that could save a life. Avoid a car accident this holiday by driving safely every time you get behind the wheel.

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