Officials Crack Down on Cars Illegally Parking in Bus Stops

Transit Police with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) are cracking down on those people who are parking their cars in bus stops — that’s illegal!

According to recent reviews, this seems to be an ongoing problem in some areas.
“We’re going to hit it. We’re going to hit it hard,” said Lt. Stephen Salisbury, Transit Police.

Our Boston car accident attorneys understand that some of the worst offenders are those who are driving big delivery trucks. With the tight parking in Boston, every day drivers are taking advantage of this opening, too! The problem is that most drivers think that it’s okay to park here because they’re only going to be a “minute.” Even a minute can throw off an entire bus schedule and your car in a bus stop can cause serious dangers to bus passengers, bicyclists, pedestrians and motor-vehicle traffic in the area.

Joe Pesaturo, an MBTA spokesperson, says that it’s critical for these bus stops to be clear so that a bus can pull up to and away from the curb safely. When there’s another vehicle in these bus stop areas, buses are forced to stop in the roadway and cause a serious safety concern while cutting off accessibility. These buses are stopping at bus stops every five or so minutes. So, even if you’re only parking for 2 minutes the risks for encountering a bus that needs to stop at that bus stop are likely.

Just last month, delivery trucks were spotted parking at bus stops at Centre Street’s Whole Foods Market and at South Street’s Harvest Co-Op Market. Companies were contacted personally by officials with the MBTA and asked to stop. According to the Gazette, these same trucks have been observed parking illegally in these bus stops twice since then.

Reporters with the Gazette have also seen a lot of people parking in the bus stops along South and Centre streets. One of the most popular of them all is the bus stop along Elliot and Centre Streets. This is where delivery trucks, school buses and even officials with the MBTA (a worker grabbing lunch) was spotted using the bus stop as their own personal parking spot.

According to Salisbury, these MBTA buses come with a button that allows the driver to report another driver who is parked illegally in their bus stop. What the button does is that it triggers a report of the bus stop location and creates what is call a “hot list,” or a list of areas that are being hit by these illegal parkers. With the “hot list” officials will know which areas to target harder.

If you see someone who has been parking illegally in a bus stop, you’re asked to report them to the Boston Police or to Transit Police by calling either 9-1-1 or 617-222-1212. You can also hit up the MBTA through its new iPhone app, “MBTA See Say,” to report photos and reports of such behavior.

Until drivers learn where not to park, bus riders and surrounding drivers, are asked to be cautious in these areas. You can’t always expect others to obey by the law. You have to travel defensively, stay on your best behavior and stay one move ahead of the traffic around you!

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