Essex County Traffic Accident Results Injures Seven

Georgetown is a small community located in Essex County along what is commonly referred to as Boston’s North Shore.  Most of the people who live in the town also work there or are retired.  A small portion of the residents commute to Boston on a regular basis, and this number is actually increasing as more people are leaving the city as real estate prices become too expensive for the average family and people are more willing to drive or take the commuter rail to work.

motorway-1198014-mWhile the small town doesn’t often make the news in Boston, that was not the case this past weekend when a major car accident occurred that resulted in at least seven being injured, according to a recent news report from the Boston Globe

Authorities say the accident occurred early afternoon when an SUV drove across the rather wide grassy median on Interstate 95 and crashed into a car traveling in the opposite direction.  They have said a 25-year-old woman was driving the SUV when she lost control and managed to drive all the way into the opposite four lanes of traffic.  Her 2006 Nissan SUV slammed into a Nissan that was occupied by a six people.  This included a family with four young children.

When the head-on collision occurred, the driver of the SUV, who is believed to have been not wearing her seatbelt, was ejected from the vehicle upon impact.  As for the occupants in the other car, it was the mother who was most seriously injured.  She was said to have sustained a severe injury to both her head and neck.  However, the father and the children were also injured in this serious Essex County car accident.

When first responders arrived at the scene, the Georgetown Fire Department decided to declare this a mass casualty accident.  The reason they were able to do this is because there were at least five ambulances called to the scene. The five ambulances were for the father and his four children and the driver of the SUV who is alleged to be responsible for the serious mass casualty car accident.

The mother in the Nissan, who was most severely injured, was transported to a Tufts Medical Center in Boston via medevac helicopter.  The father and the children, as well as the alleged at-fault driver, were all taken to a local level one trauma center.  There has been no report on the condition of any of the victims.

Following the accident, the entire highway was shut down so the Massachusetts State Police accident investigation unit could work to determine exactly what happened.   As of the time of this article, it is not known why the driver of the SUV drove across the wide grass median and into the lane of oncoming traffic.

It should be noted that the driver of the SUV has not been charged with any crime in connection with the serious car accident, and there has been no report that she was cited with a moving violation of any kind as of the time of this article.  However, when a car crosses a median and crashes into a car in the opposite lanes of travel, unless there was a mechanical defect in the car, there is a decent chance the police will cite the driver with some type of moving violation.

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