Everyone Can Do Their Part to Stop Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving is extremely risky behavior that not only endangers the person who chooses to drive drunk, but that also puts innocent people at risk. There are strict laws in Massachusetts imposing criminal penalties on those who operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs and law enforcement makes every effort to catch drunk drivers and get them off the street. Unfortunately, law enforcement cannot be everywhere at all times.

A recent story on My Fox Boston, however, proves that citizens can help stop the dangerous practice of drunk driving. Our Watertown car accident attorneys urge everyone to be on the lookout for drunk drivers and to take action to help get these drivers off the road before they hurt themselves or others. 1083566_the_last_drop_.jpg

Citizens Can Stop Drunk Drivers
According to My Fox Boston, a 31-year-old West Yarmouth man was driving drunk on a Wednesday afternoon in late December. The man was traveling in the wrong lane and nearly hit several motorists in a head-on crash. Before he could hurt anyone, however, a group of concerned citizens stopped the drunk driver. The citizens called the police after stopping the driver, and law enforcement responded to the scene and arrested the man.

While stopping a drunk driver yourself isn’t always possible and isn’t the best course of action, you too can be on the lookout for those who are driving drunk. If you identify a driver that you are fairly confident is intoxicated behind the wheel, you can contact law enforcement and let them know that you wish to report a possible OUI.

You can identify someone who is driving drunk by watching for certain signs of intoxication. These signs may include:

  • Weaving and swerving in and out of a lane.
  • Driving much slower than surrounding traffic, or even stopping suddenly or for no reason in the middle of the lane.
  • Stopping suddenly at signals and either remaining at the light once the signal turns green or starting to drive very slowly.
  • Making overly wide turns and hitting the curb
  • Visible signs of intoxication in the driver including looking sleepy or staring straight ahead with the face close to the windshield.

If you notice these or other signs of drunk driving and are reasonably confident that a driver is driving while intoxicated, you can contact law enforcement to let them know of the suspected drunk driver. When you call law enforcement, it is helpful if you have:

  • A complete description of the vehicle driven by the suspected drunk driver. This includes the car’s make, the model number, the license plate number and the color of the vehicle.
  • The exact location where the vehicle is. This includes the name of the road you are on, cross streets, and the direction that the suspected drunk driver is going.
  • A description of the behavior that leads you to suspect that the driver is drunk.

Being on the lookout for drunk drivers is important to protect yourself from becoming the victim of a drunk driving crash. If you see a drunk driver, there is no reason not to let law enforcement know of the dangerous person on the roads before someone gets hurt.

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