Fans drinking at games are at high risk for drunk driving accidents in Boston

Boston sports fans have a lot to be excited about these days with the Celtics cruising through the playoffs and the Red Sox turning their season around after a dismal start in April.

Our Boston personal injury lawyers want to remind fans it is never a good idea to drink and drive — so keep the boozing to a minimum if you are responsible for driving yourself home after the game.
Alcohol and sporting events tend to go hand in hand. Not only does too much alcohol consumption cause a high risk of drunk driving accidents in Boston, but fans are in danger of assault, vandalism or other alcohol-related incidents during or after the game.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg Businessweek reported just how common alcohol consumption is at sporting events. A recent study by the University of Minnesota found that 8 percent of sports fans walk out of the venue legally drunk.

Spectators volunteered to take a breathalyzer test following a total of 16 professional football and baseball games at 2 different venues. After measuring blood alcohol concentration in 382 participants, the study provided the following conclusions:

-1 in 12 fans left the sporting event intoxicated.

-Fans who tailgated prior to the game were 14 times more likely to leave drunk than a fan who didn’t hang out before the game.

-Age makes a difference – under age 35 were 9 times more likely to be drunk than over age 35.

-Tailgaters admitted to drinking at least 5 alcoholic drinks in 25 percent of the total respondents. Those tested with a higher BAC admitted to almost 7 alcoholic drinks prior to the game.

There were only an average of 20 volunteer participants after each game who participated in the study. Almost 60 percent of respondents were male, 55 percent were between ages 21 and 35, and a small percentage was age 51 or older. When putting the statistics into simple terms, venues that hold upwards of 50,000 to 100,000 fans, 4,000 to 8,000 are leaving the venue too drunk to drive.

A general rule at most baseball stadiums is that the last call is either 2 hours after the first pitch or during the 7th inning, whichever comes first. A recent article in the Boston Herald reports that the more money you can afford to spend on a ticket at Fenway determines how long you can actually drink at the game. The middle-class patron who pays for the cheap seats at Fenway get cut off by the standard tradition. However, those fans who can afford field box seats, Dugout Seats’ Absolut Clubhouse, Gosling’s Dark and Stormy boardroom, Pavilion Suites, and the Legends Suites at the Monster Corner can start partying 2 hours before the game through an hour after the final pitch. It is almost as if rich fans are immune to being over the legal limit, unlike the average Joe.

Sports fans are completely in control of determining how much and how long they can drink before safety becomes an issue. Make the responsible choice to not drink at all or designate a driver to get you home safely before you put yourself in danger of a drunk driving or other alcohol-related accident.

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