Massachusetts State Police Join Forces to Fight Distracted, Aggressive & Impaired Drivers Over the Holiday Season

On November 17, CBS Boston reported that police throughout New England are joining forces in an effort to help prevent auto accident deaths and fatalities during the holiday season.

The number of driving-related fatalities rises each year during the period from Thanksgiving Day to New Years Day and six states throughout New England have announced plans to team up this year and hopefully reduce the risks for everyone.

Our Boston auto accident lawyers applaud the combined efforts of the New England State Police, who held a scheduled news conference on Monday to emphasize their traffic safety efforts this holiday season. Police will be focusing on three main behaviors that they’ve identified as causes of holiday traffic fatalities. Our Boston car accident lawyers will also be discussing each of these main causes of holiday accents on our blog during our holiday safe driving series over the next few days. 1172422_police_on_the_scene.jpg

The Dangers of Driving Over the Holiday Season
According to, a big spike in highway fatalities occurs from Thanksgiving to New Years each year. The increase in accidents may be attributed to spontaneous holiday parties, as well as travelers speeding as they drive throughout the state.

Law enforcement has identified three top factors they believe help contribute to the increase in fatalities over the holiday season. Together, the police forces from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and the four remaining New England states will be conducting a campaign this holiday season to educate people about the dangers and to hopefully discourage risky behavior. Their campaign to reduce fatalities and improve holiday traffic safety is focused on:

  1. Aggressive driving
  2. Distracted driving
  3. Driving while impaired

These behaviors can significantly increase the risk of a fatal accident, especially when combined with dangerous winter weather conditions. Preventing these behaviors is key to increasing safety and state police hope that by combining their efforts and working to educate the public, they’ll be able to discourage drivers from taking these risks behind the wheel.

Preventing Auto Accidents This Holiday Season

According to, the New Hampshire State Police Captain has assured the public that state troopers who are joining forces this holiday season are not just aiming to write a bunch of tickets to holiday travelers. While police will be stationed at regular intervals on highways and will be enforcing speed limits, DUI and driving safety laws, the aim is to make people stop and think about their behavior. The hope is that through education and enforcement, police will be able to encourage motorists to change their attitudes towards holiday driving, and the presence of the police will be a reminder to obey driving laws and to be more careful when traveling.

With officers located every few miles on state highways, drivers may be deterred from driving too fast or behaving in a dangerous way, if for no other reason than to avoid tickets. Digital signs along the highway will also remind drivers of the dangers of risky driving behaviors and will list updated fatality accounts as a further warning to drivers of the dangers. Hopefully, these efforts will help to prevent fatalities and serious injuries during this holiday season.

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