Massachusetts Truck Driver Kills 2 and Injures 3 – Sentenced to More than 7 Years Behind Bars

A trucking accident in Los Angeles landed a trucker in state prison for seven years and four months. The Massachusetts truck driver was recently found guilty by the Los Angeles Superior Court of involuntary manslaughter for a trucking accident that happened last April in which a father and a daughter were killed and a nail salon and bookstore were heavily damaged.
Accidents like this can happen anywhere when the proper safety precautions aren’t taken. The Everett truck driver neglected to navigate his big rig on approved roads and failed to properly acknowledge brake issues. Trucking accidents in Massachusetts can be caused by the same circumstances. It is the responsibility of the trucker and the trucking company to ensure that these large trucks are following all safety regulations on our roadways to ensure the safety of all motorists.

Our Boston trucking accident attorneys understand that accidents with big rigs oftentimes produce deadly results. Motorists are asked to travel with extreme caution when traveling among these large trucks. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with a semi, contact an experienced attorney to help you determine who may be at fault and to help you to collect the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

“No matter how much we ache for just one more day, they are never coming back,” said a friend of the family that was killed in the Los Angeles accident.

The accident happened as the 25-ton semi was traveling through the San Gabriel Mountains and was unable to stop after the brakes failed. The truck sped down the Angeles Crest Highway and slammed through La Canada Flintridge, California.

By the time the truck stopped, it had run over four cars, killed two people, injured three and plowed through a nail salon and a bookstore.

During trial, prosecutors stated that the accident was a direct result of the driver’s decision to take a narrow, winding road through the mountain instead of taking one of the nearby freeways to get from the desert to the Los Angeles metropolitan area. An off-duty firefighter reportedly warned the truck driver about the dangerous road and suggested that he turn around. The trucker proceeded down the mountain road for another mile and a half. During this time the big rig’s brakes began to smoke. Instead of stopping the vehicle and allowing them to cool down, the trucker reportedly poured cool water on them.

Officials inspected the big rig after the accident and concluded that half of the 10 truck brakes were either incorrectly adjusted or were overheated.

The trucker has already spent 20 months in jail awaiting his trial. Officials believe that he will be released in about two years if he’s well-behaved. He is expected to serve the remainder of his jail time in a low-security prison.

“For me this is a nightmare and I didn’t wake up yet,” said the trucker to the family of the victims. “I know each you hate me today but I ask for forgiveness.”

The trucker says that he was simply following the instructions of his GPS system. He blames the accident on the lack of safety ramps for runaway trucks on that mountain. Since the sentencing, the California Department of Transportation has decided to ban all five-axle trucks from a portion of that highway.

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