May Hosts Bicycle Month to Help Reduce Risks of Bicycling Accidents in Boston and Elsewhere

May is Bike Month and for the second year in a row a North End business started the month off by hosting a kickoff event. Earlier this month, Urban AdvenTours, various other local businesses and bicycling groups gathered along the waterfront in Christopher Columbus Park as they enjoyed an afternoon of local music, free food and bike-related activities. The activities and the entire month is used to raise awareness about bicycle accidents in Boston and elsewhere in the United States.

“Last year we had tricycle races. I think we’re going to do something similar this year,” said Baylor Bennett, manager of the bike shop and bicycle tour provider. “There’ll be vendors giving out food and beverages.”
Our Boston bicycle accident lawyers understand that with springtime, many bicyclists will be hitting the paths and trails to enjoy prime pedaling season. As our residents and tourists do so, we urge everyone to be extra cautious this season as the increased traffic flow can also increase your risks of an accident.

In addition to helping to raise awareness, bicyclists are able to check out the latest technology and advancements in the biking world. Many are urged to grab their bike and even join a tour group.

According to Bennett, last year’s event was less successful than it could have been because during the same time of the event the area suffered a catastrophic break of a 10-foot-diameter pipe in Weston. The breakage caused all of Greater Boston to be put under a boil order.

“A lot of food and drink vendors couldn’t show up,” Bennett said. “So last year, I think we had closer to six or seven vendors, versus this year we have the full 15.”

As local reports show no major water pipes broken and the weather forecast calls for sunny skies and warm temperatures, Bennett is hopeful that this year’s event will be larger and better than the year before.

“Of course it’s right on the waterfront, which is gorgeous, and all the flowers are blooming right now, so the park couldn’t be better looking,” he said.

Bicyclists are always urged to ride with heightened alertness to their surroundings as they’re oftentimes overlooked by motorists. More than 600 bicyclists were killed, and an additional 51,000 injured, in motor vehicle accidents in 2009. These deaths accounted for 2 percent of all motor vehicle accident fatalities and accounted for 2 percent of all injuries from traffic accidents in the same year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Massachusetts suffered nearly 10 bicyclist fatalities in 2009 as a result of motor vehicles.

A complete list of Boston bike paths can be found on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation website.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycling accident in the Boston area, contact Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer Jeffrey S. Glassman for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call (617) 777-7777.

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