Milford Teen Killed in Car Crash in Front of Own Home

According to a recent news feature from the Boston Herald, an SUV full of teens crashed into a utility pole in a suburban neighborhood and then slammed into a parked vehicle. The van was full of six teens who had just all just left work at a local ice cream shop and were headed to watch the fireworks show.

caraccident3As they were passing the home of one of the occupants, the accident occurred. The mother and a neighbor heard what they described as the loudest screams imaginable.  When they got to the scene of the fatal Milford car accident, they saw that five of the occupants were standing outside of the vehicle looking at the victim who had been thrown from the vehicle during the crash.

The neighbor held the victim’s neck while her mother tried to perform CPR as she waited for first responders to arrive on the scene.  One of the occupants of the van was the victim’s younger brother.

When the driver was questioned by local police following the deadly Milford car crash, she told officers that the passenger compartment of the SUV had filled with smoke, and it began to accelerate on its own.  She said that it was then that the vehicle lost control and crashed into the utility pole. Prior to impact, the driver told the others to jump out of the SUV and it is believed that at least two of the teens were able to jump clear of the vehicle before it hit the telephone pole.

Police do not yet know if the victim was one of the two who managed to jump from the moving SUV or if she was ejected during the crash.  It should be stated that nearly all accidents in which a person is ejected from a vehicle in a serious car crash involve a rider who was not properly fastened inside the vehicle with a seatbelt.  With a properly fastened seatbelt, it is very unlikely that a person will be ejected from a car during a crash.  It should also be noted that it is much safer to wear a seatbelt when in the rear of a vehicle, even though many choose not to do so.  It is never generally advisable to intentionally jump from a moving vehicle since it is much safer to remain in the vehicle with a seatbelt on.

When first responders arrived, she was treated on the scene and then a medevac helicopter was called in so she could be flown to a level-one trauma center.  Doctors did what they could to save her, but ultimately her injuries proved too severe, and the college freshman was soon pronounced dead as a result of the  Boston car accident.

As is the case with any fatal car accident in Massachusetts, the local police will be assisted by the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) accident reconstruction and investigation team to determine exactly what happened. At this time, police are not sure what happened, but they do suspect that it might have been due to a mechanical issue with the car.

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