New GM Car Safety Team: Good PR or Just Another Cover-Up?

GM has been under recent scrutiny for covering up the defective ignition switches tied to the deaths of at least 13 passengers. Now the CEO is creating a team to focus on vehicle safety. According to reports, the new safety organization within GM is designed to build on existing formulas to make cars the “best to drive in the industry.” This positive PR may be good preparation for the media spotlight at the New York International Auto Show; however, it does little to help the victims who suffered as a result of the wanton negligence and aggressive cover-up strategies by the company for years after knowing about the defects.

The public speech made by GM’s CEO was the first appearance made since the congressional hearings in early April revealed that the company had delayed for years the recall of 2.59 million vehicles with potentially faulty ignition switches. Now the company is under the gun and is likely to face additional litigation. Our Boston defective auto attorneys are committed to helping victims protect their rights in the event of an accident. We are also experienced with holding large corporations accountable for manufacturing, distributing, or failing to warn consumers about deadly products.

Earlier this month, a congressional panel released 700 pages of documents that revealed the company hid evidence of the defects. In addition to blowing off victims, the company also failed to recall the potentially defective vehicles, which may have led to additional deaths. Though the company has apologized, it could still be targeted for lawsuits. Unfortunately, GM may be shielded from paying claims prior to July 2009 because of the terms of its bankruptcy proceeding. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is fining GM $7,000 per day for failing to respond to information requests by an April 3 deadline.

Products liability claims can be complex, especially when they involve multiple plaintiffs and a large corporation. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An advocate and investigator can review your case to determine the cause of the accident and all responsible parties. Victims of accidents involving defective or dangerous products may be entitled to significant compensation.

GM is trying to improve its public image as it launches new models this season. In addition to deflecting attention from the impending litigation, the company also lowered prices to boost sales. Building a new safety team may be part of a good PR campaign, but it doesn’t change the lives of victims or detract from the damage that has already been done by failing to admit fault or recall vehicles with potentially defective ignition switches. GM could be required to pay significant compensation to victims and their families as well as punitive damages for covering up the defect.

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