Traffic Violations Increase Insurance Costs & Accident Risks

Drivers throughout Boston break the rules of the road every day and some of those drivers receive traffic tickets. As a new report from CNN shows, drivers who break the rules and receive citations face significant costs as a result. Even a relatively minor driving violation can result not only in a fine but can also significantly increase your insurance rates. These higher costs will affect your budget for a long time to come. five-oh-in-5-662718-m.jpg

Avoiding dangerous driving behaviors is smart to prevent a ticket and the associated expenses that come with it. It is also essential to avoid behavior that could increase the risk of a motor vehicle collision and resulting injuries. Drivers who violate safety rules are presumed to be negligent when a car accident claim is made by injured victims, which makes it easier for victims to obtain compensation for their injuries. Those hurt in a collision should contact a Boston car accident attorney for assistance pursuing a damage claim.

Insurance Increases for Common Traffic Tickets

If you get a ticket, your insurance is almost certainly going to go up- the only question is, by how much. The amount will vary depending upon the nature of the violation. For example:

  • A seatbelt violation could result in a five percent increase in your insurance costs.
  • A failure to signal could result in a 19 percent increase in your insurance expenses.
  • A failure to yield for a pedestrian will also cause your car insurance rates to go up around 19 percent.
  • Traveling between one and 15 miles over the maximum speed limit can result in a 21 percent increase in insurance costs.
  • Reckless driving will result in an 82 percent increase in insurance premiums.
  • A DUI will lead to a 93 percent insurance cost increase.

The added costs associated with your ticket could persist for three full years if points remain on your license. For a DUI, the impact of a conviction could be felt for even longer. The added expense can make it difficult for some people to afford the coverage they require, but driving without insurance is illegal. The costs of the insurance increase are in addition to any traffic citations and fines you face, as well as in addition to legal costs.

The reason for the increase is because insurance companies believe that a driver who commits these or other moving violations is more likely to become involved in a collision. This belief is based on extensive past evidence of insurance claims and is likely true: if you break the rules of the road, you are more likely to get into a collision and more likely to seriously hurt or even kill yourself or others. Instead of taking this risk, it is important to just obey the rules of the road so your insurance stays low and so everyone stays safe.

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