NHTSA Releases New Data: Fatal Car Accidents in Massachusetts Still High

More than 300 people died in car accidents in Massachusetts in 2010. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) just released the 2010 Motor Vehicle Crashes Overview. This is the most updated car accident data available. The NHTSA concluded that nearly 33,000 people died in traffic accidents throughout the year in the U.S. This is the lowest number of fatalities since 1949.

While that may sound promising, it’s important for us to point out that a good number of accidents actually saw increases throughout the year, including accidents among pedestrians, motorcyclists and occupants of large trucks.
Our Massachusetts car accident attorneys understand that the total number of traffic fatalities is expected to increase. As we finished up 2010, the number of fatalities actually started to rise. Experts believe that as the economy continues to improve, the number of traffic fatalities will increase. Drivers are urged to remain cautious on our roadways and to not take this announcement as a sign to relax safe driving habits at the wheel. There are still many dangers lurking on our roadways and with the holiday season upon us, these dangers are more common. Remain alert and cautious behind the wheel to avoid a potentially fatal accident.

There were two new measures added to this year’s reports. Officials with the NHTSA decided to add the “distraction-affected crashes” and the “alcohol-related crashes” measures. As technology continues to advance, devices become more readily available to drivers and increase risks for an accident significantly. In 2010, there were roughly 3,100 people who died in distraction-related car accidents in the U.S. These accidents continue to be a huge problem on our roadways. Alcohol-related accidents are also a main concern for transportation officials as these types of accidents accounted for yet another third of all traffic accident fatalities.

“The findings from our new attitude survey help us understand why some people continue to make bad decisions about driving distracted–but what’s clear from all of the information we have is that driver distraction continues to be a major problem,” said U.S. Transportation Administrator Strickland.

Key Findings of the 2010 Motor Vehicle Crashes Overview:

-Nearly 33,000 people were killed in traffic accidents.

-Nearly 2.25 million people were injured in traffic accidents.

-Alcohol-related accidents made up about a third of all traffic fatalities.

-The number of pedestrians killed increased by nearly 5 percent from 2009 to 2010.

-The number of motorcyclists killed increased by nearly 35 deaths from 2009 to 2010.

-The number of large truck occupants killed increased by roughly 6 percent from 2009 to 2010.

-The number of vehicle occupants who were injured while wearing a seat belt during an accident increased.

-The number of fatal accidents in rural areas decreased, while the number of fatal accidents in urban areas increased significantly.

-The number of fatalities among individuals over the age of 55 increased significantly.

-Twenty states experienced increases in the total number of fatalities.

-Massachusetts saw a decrease of roughly 25 fatalities from 2009 to 2010.

As we round out the remainder of 2011 and head into 2012, drivers are urged to remain cautious on our roadways. As the economy continues to recover, more motorists are expected to hit our roadways, which will bring along increased risks for a fatal accident.

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