Pedestrian Killed by Car in Arlington, Massachusetts

According to a recent news feature form NBC 7 Boston, a pedestrian was hit by a car and killed in Arlington, Massachusetts. Authorities say the 91-year-old man was walking in a crosswalk on Massachusetts Avenue when a car hit him. This World War II veteran rolled over the hood of a Honda civic after being hit and crashed into the car’s windshield.

1118296_crosswalkThe owner of a local diner at the scene of the accident said firefighters were already there, because they were in the process responding to what turned out to be a false alarm at his business.

Upon seeing the seriousness of the Massachusetts car accident, firefighters quickly turned their attention to the victim and attempted to offer medical attention. One witness has a dashboard camera running in his personal vehicle and caught the entire incident on video.
Witnesses also say this was not the first time a pedestrian was hit at this same intersection.

One man interviewed by a local news outlet said he was walking when he was hit by a car in that same place three months ago. That victim does not remember anything after the car hit him until he awoke in a Boston area hospital after what he was told was three days following the accident. He had two metal screws put in his leg, broke his hand, broke his nose, and injured his back in the serious pedestrian car accident. The he said “outside these injuries [he] felt great.”

Alleged at-fault driver stayed on the scene to answer police questions. Authorities pointed out she had her sun visor down but did not think sun played a factor in the fatal car accident, given the time it had occurred, as the sun would not be shining on driver’s window.

Some witnesses suggested in a neighborhood with some many older residents, traffic signals should be reconfigured to give elderly pedestrians more time to get across the street.

This tragic car accident happened on Massachusetts Avenue, which is large street. Witnesses say people tend to drive fast on this road, which makes accidents more likely to occur.

In an accident involving a pedestrian where alleged at-fault driver was not suspect of driving drunk, and may or may not have received a moving violation, additional work by an experienced Boston car accident lawyer will often be required to prove the case.

One of the best things car accident victims or their families can do is to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. The faster your lawyer’s car accident investigator can get to the scene and take photographs, interview witnesses, observe if there are tire tracks or skid marks before the crash, and other things necessary to prove your case, the better. The more time that passes before an investigator can get to the scene, the harder it will be to investigate, so contacting an attorney sooner rather than later is in your best interest.

While the police will typically do an investigation in serious accident cases, they are not always so thorough once they believe they know what happened. Even if they are thorough in your investigation, their focus may not be the same as your attorney’s investigator, who is concerned with your rights in a civil car accident lawsuit.

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