Rates of Boston Car Accidents Decrease – Residents Still Asked to Stay on Alert

“We must remain vigilant in addressing roadway safety issues where the greatest impact can be made, such as distracted and teen driving. As miles traveled start to rise again from recession lows, we want to ensure the continuance of this downward trend,” says Janet Froetscher, president and CEO of the National Safety Council.

Boston car accidents and accidents elsewhere in 2010 are down 3 percent from the previous year. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), nearly 35,000 fatalities occurred in 2010. Experts credit the recession as a main factor for the decreased number of car accidents.
Boston personal injury lawyers encourage you to practice safe driving habits regardless of the recent statistics. Although fatalities in Boston resulting from car accidents continue to decrease, we must continue to do our part to keep our roads safe. According to NSC, Massachusetts suffered 330 car accident fatalities in 2010.

NSC points fingers at a number of variables that contribute to the decrease in fatalities. They start be crediting law enforcement — including laws and regulations regarding child passengers, distracted driving, teen driving and seat belt usage. Many say the reduction in motor vehicle accidents is largely credited to new state driving laws, such as hand-held phone and texting bans and seat belt laws.

Motor vehicles not only cause devastating injury and fatalities to vehicle occupants, they also present a large amount of cost in medical expenses, employer costs, property damage, lost wages and productivity, and administrative expenses. In 2010, the estimate cost for car accident injuries, fatalities and property damages was nearly $227 billion, also a 3 present decrease from 2009.

The Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles would like to offer you a few resources:

Massachusetts Driver’s Handbook

Massachusetts State Police

DMV customer service and RMV locations.

We ask that all residents and visitors continue to practice safe driving habits on Massachusetts roads in hopes of decreasing fatality rates even more.

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