Report: Deadly Crash on Mass Pike

According to a recent news report from WWLP, a man died in a single car crash in Blandford, Massachusetts on the Mass Pike. Another woman was seriously injured as a result of the crash.  The man was a passenger in the car involved in what turned out to be a deadly Massachusetts car accident.

policelineAuthorities have said the accident occurred just before two in the afternoon on Interstate 90.  The 36-year-old female driver was operating her vehicle when she allegedly drifted into the median that divides the highway and it a message board that was stationed alongside the travel lanes.

While police are not sure of the exact cause of the accident, they do know that neither the driver nor her 35-year-old male passenger were wearing their seat belts at the time of the deadly car accident.  They were both ejected from the vehicle when it hit the road sign. The car was traveling in the westbound direction towards western Massachusetts at the time of the fatal single vehicle accident.

Following the accident, emergency personnel were called to the scene and determined there was nothing they could do to help the male victim, and he was later pronounced dead by a member of the Office of the State Medical Examiner (OCME).  As for the driver of the car, first responders were able to stabilize her for transport to a local level-one trauma center.  While the full extent of her injuries is unknown at this time, they are believed to be life-threatening.

Local police are not only being assisted by the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section of the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) as is required in any fatal car accident, but also the Crime Scene Services Section of MSP.  However, it should be noted that police have not said why the crime scene unit is involved, and the driver of the vehicle has not been charged with any crime or accused of any negligence as of the time of this article.

Our Boston car accident lawyers deal with single vehicle accidents on a regular basis.  If the passenger of a vehicle is injured as result of the driver’s negligence, it is often necessary to file a claim with the driver’s insurance company to receive a complete and appropriate recovery.  While it may seem like a less than pleasant experience to have to accuse a friend of negligence, that may be required to get your medical bills paid and to get compensation for your lost wages and pain and suffering.

However, it is also important to understand that in the vast majority of cases, your experienced car accident lawyer will be able to reach a settlement with the insurance company so as to avoid having to file an actual lawsuit against the driver, which is obviously preferable if you are friends with the driver.   On the other hand, if the insurance company is not willing to act reasonably and make a fair settlement offer, then you want to make sure you have an attorney who is actually willing to take your case to trial and fight for your rights as an accident victim.

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