Report: Double Fatal Single Car Crash in Milton

Massachusetts State Police (MSP) responded to a car crash in Milton that left two dead and another injured, according to a recent news report from the Boston Herald.  This accident occurred around 3:30 a.m. when a car crashed into a tree at a reportedly high rate of speed.

car accidentWhen first responders arrived at the scene of this fatal car crash, they saw that the victims’ vehicle had been heavily damaged and burst into flames.  Firefighters were able to quickly suppress the blaze, and paramedics went to check on the condition of the victims. Unfortunately, two of the victims had already died when the first responders got to them.

The third victim was in serious condition, and paramedics assessed his condition and transported him to the Boston Medical Center, which is a local level-one trauma center. The hospital did not release his condition, but it is believed that he will survive his injuries.

As this was a fatal car accident, the MSP Construction Analysis and Reconstruction team are required to perform a full investigation.  However, it should be noted that this does not mean any criminal activity was suspected.  Whenever there is a fatal car accident, this MSP unit is called in to assist local police with their investigation. Part of the reason is to learn about why an accident occurred, so steps can be taken to prevent a similar accident from occurring in the future, and the other reason is for reporting purposes.

As you can discuss with an experienced Boston car accident lawyer, when an accident results in death of one or more of the victims, the case will be treated as what is known as a wrongful death cause of action under a theory of negligence. What this means is that negligence is still the primary cause of action, just like any other car accident lawsuit filed in the Commonwealth, but the wrongful death component allows for additional damages.

In a standard car accident lawsuit, a victim can ask for damages for pain and suffering, medical bills for past treatment, and special damages for future medical bills and rehabilitation expenses. In addition to the payment of medical bills and rehabilitation expenses, a plaintiff can also demand payment for pain and suffering and lost wages.

While it may be hard to ascertain an actual number for pain and suffering, your attorney will be able to work with you to find a number that provides you with a full and appropriate financial compensation and then works with the insurance company’s claims adjuster to secure you that amount in a settlement.  If the case cannot be settled, you want to make sure that your attorney has experience handling these types of cases and is willing to take your case to trial when necessary.  Unfortunately, there are some car accident lawyers that like to settle every case, even if they could get more at trial.

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2 dead in single-car crash in Milton, December 2, 2016, By Chris Vellani, The Boston Herald

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