Jonah Hill Involved in LA Car Crash

Actor Jonah Hill has been in a variety of different movies, and is well known for his role in the “Wolf of Wall Street,” in which he starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.  According to a recent news report from People, Hill was involved in a car crash in downtown Los Angeles.

porscheWitnesses have said the 32-year-old actor was the only one in his black Audi sedan when the accident occurred. He was driving when another motorist who was trying to make a turn allegedly did not yield right of way to Hill and slammed into the passenger side of his car. 

Fortunately, it does not appear that anyone was injured in the accident, though witnesses described Hill as looking as if he was shaken by the crash.  Both cars were towed from the scene.  Hill’s car was not drivable, due to the damage to the passenger side of the vehicle and the fact that his steering wheel airbag had deployed. It should be noted that, while witnesses have accused the other driver of being at fault in this accident, there has been no formal finding that he or she was in any way negligent in connection with the crash.

If you are in an accident, it is important to call the police.  Even if the police tell you that they are not going to dispatch anyone to the scene, which happens from time to time, the fact that you called is important, because that information is recorded and may be of help to you and your case later, as your Boston car accident lawyer can explain.

Another important thing is to make sure you get the name of any witnesses that are around. While the police may ask some questions, they are not worried about your rights in a civil case, since that is not their job.  They may not even get the contact information for these people or take a statement if they feel they have enough information to write a report and issue one or more traffic violation citations when appropriate.

This does not mean we cannot find these people if you or the police have not recorded their names, but it does make the situation somewhat more difficult.  Your experienced car accident lawyer can send his or her attorney to the scene and talk to local businesses.  We can also get the footage from traffic cameras and store security cameras.  However, this footage is not saved forever. While we are beyond the days of videotapes being erased once a week, digital data storage can still be very expensive, so the old data is deleted if the camera operated is not given a preservation letter indicating that there may be litigation, and it is important to save it.  For this reason, the sooner you speak with an attorney the better, so that there is a better chance the evidence and recordings will still be ascertainable.

It is also important to accept any medical attention when offered by paramedics or EMTs. While you may not be in that much pain right after the crash, the pain may get much worse in the coming days, and it is good to get evaluated as soon as possible.

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