Report: Two Women Killed in Car Crash in Massachusetts

According to a recent news article from CBS Boston, two women were killed in a fiery car accident in Templeton.  Massachusetts State Police (MSP) are investigation this double-fatal crash, and are still working to determine why it occurred.

crashWitnesses have said the 2010 Mercedes vehicle was traveling down Route 2 outside of Boston when it abruptly left the road service.  It is not clear why the vehicle left the road, but after leaving Route 2, the car went flying down an embankment and crashed into a support structure for an overpass.

Once it hit the overpass bridge abutment, the car rolled over and quickly burst into what witnesses described as a ball of flames. This occurred around 1:20 a.m. and witnesses immediately called 911.  First responders quickly arrived on the scene, but by the time the fire department was able to extinguish the blaze to the point where rescue workers could get to the occupants, there was nothing they could do for the victims.  The two women in the car were pronounced dead at the scene. As is the case with any deadly car accident in the Commonwealth, the MSP accident reconstruction and investigation team was called in to conduct a detailed investigation into the cause of the accident and release their findings.

Our Boston car accident lawyers often deal with cases where a passenger was injured, or even killed. In some situations, the driver of the vehicle is deemed liable for the accident, and, in other scenarios the fault lies with another driver or even a public entity or owner of a private business.  However, as a general rule, the passenger will not be held liable in any way for a car accident.

This means that, in most cases, the passenger can file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, even if they are a friend or relative of the liable party.  This often does not mean you will actually have to file a lawsuit.  In many cases, the insurance company of the obviously at-fault driver will settle the case with the plaintiff. In fact, the vast majority of cases are settled without of the need of even filing a lawsuit or going to trial, but the fact that your car accident lawyer is prepared to go to trail, and that the insurance company knows that, will increase the chances of a fair settlement being offered.

While it may seem that the idea of filing a claim against a friend is not something you want to do, the reality of the situation is that your car accident lawyer will be dealing with the insurance company via a claims adjuster, and the driver of the car will probably not have to do anything more than make what is known as a recorded statement.  This is usually done by the insurance company representative calling the driver and asking them for their version of the events while the call is being recorded.

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Fiery Templeton Crash Leaves 2 Women In Mercedes Dead, December 10, 2016, CBS Boston

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