Road rage a risk for Boston car accidents through holiday season

Most drivers have been either the victim or the aggressor in certain road rage situations at some point in their life. In this day and age it has become almost standard for some drivers to show aggressive driving behaviors. Boston drivers are no different when it comes to aggressive driving, especially during the holidays. Aggressive driving can lead to a Massachusetts car accident so take a deep breath and cut your fellow driver a break this holiday season.

Congested roads, running late, life stresses, and road construction are a few common causes of road rage that lead to aggressive driving. Aggressive driving can be defined as a hostile act committed by a driver. Examples of these acts are yelling at another driver, continuously tailgating the vehicle in front of you, making rude hand gestures at the other driver, or laying on your horn at another driver.
Aggressive drivers have a difficult time refraining from committing these hostile behaviors. Though their acts may not be directed at you, drivers who are speeding, not signaling, not yielding the right of way and constantly changing lanes are also considered aggressive drivers.

If you are on the road and you see this type of driving behavior refrain from doing anything to escalate the behavior. If you are behind the vehicle, decrease your speed and lengthen the distance between you and the other driver. If an aggressive driver comes up behind you, stay calm and let them pass by safely moving over into another lane or off to the side of the road until they move past your vehicle.

Road rage is the most extreme form of aggressive driving. Earlier this year, a Boston firefighter was arrested and charged after a case of road rage when he cut off a driver, proceeded to break a window in the victim’s car with his fist while he stood yelling at the driver and his family and then sped off for the police to chase him down later. Though alcohol played a role in this particular incident, it doesn’t always. These same behaviors are generally exhibited by those who aren’t driving under the influence.

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