Road Rage Getting the Best of Massachusetts Drivers

Road rage is a little more common than you might have thought.

According to U.S. News, one survey of 500 people concluded that about 90 percent of motorists say that they’ve personally witnessed an act of road rage or they’ve been the victim of it at least once in the last year.

In the ’90s, this dangerous behavior led to the deaths of nearly 220 people and injuries to another 12,000.
Unfortunately, many of these injuries and fatalities are caused by firearms or by the driver’s vehicle used as a weapon. The reasoning for this behavior is unbelievable too, spanning from arguments over parking spots, to annoyance over drivers going too slow or retaliation against those who honk their horn. It seems like drivers are a little too quick to freak out behind the wheel and to put lives in danger because of it.

Our Braintree car accident lawyers understand that road rage is a serious public safety issue and it seems to be getting more common in both its frequency and level of violence. According to the Essex District Attorney’s Office, there are police officers on our roads who are working around the clock to keep the peace, but the most important and effective players in this game are us drivers.

Road rage is one is an extensive displays of anger behind the wheel, which can result in physical assault or other criminal activity. There are other acts that are less severe, which may be better characterized as aggressive driving. These acts include tailgating, erratic lane changes, excessive horn-honking, displaying obscene gestures, yelling, speeding, etc.

“It’s triggered by mental assumptions we’re making about other drivers–like assuming someone is doing something on purpose to bother you, because they’re inconsiderate,” said Leon James, a teacher of traffic psychology at the University of Hawaii.

To help you to keep your cool behind the wheel, officials with the Essex District Attorney’s Office are here to offer you some safe driving tips.

Tips to Avoid Road Rage:

-Avoid this behavior at all costs. If you see an enraged driver on our roadways, steer clear of him. You never want to instigate an argument with one of these drivers or put yourself in harm’s way.

-De-escalate all situations. Don’t do anything to further upset another driver. Try to keep distance. If you have to, find a safe and populated area to pull over and wait it out.

-If you’ve got a cell phone and you need help or would like to report an enraged driver, pull over to do so. Never take matters into your own hands. Leave them to a law enforcement official.

-Remember that state police are trained to handle these kinds of situations. You are not.

-Don’t tailgate other vehicles or drive in a hasty manner that might provoke road rage.

-Leave for your destination with plenty of time to spare. This will help you to avoid rushing and frustration.

-Make sure you get plenty of rest before you travel. Tiredness can help to provoke aggressive driving habits and road rage.

-Calm down before you make an irrational decision. If you start to get angry behind the wheel, pull over to somewhere safe and take a moment.

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