Safe driving habits can help prevent Massachusetts car accidents

As summer enters full swing, reviewing safe and defensive driving habits as a family can help reduce Massachusetts car accidents and help ensure you and your loved ones have a safe, enjoyable summer.

Massachusetts traffic accidents caused 363 fatalities in 2008, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Accident statistics for last year will be released in the coming weeks. Through the summer months, the Boston personal injury and wrongful death law firm of Jeffrey S. Glassman will look at safe driving habits and some of the leading causes of serious and fatal traffic accidents.
But before we do, we encourage you to visit Road Trip America’s 70 Rules of Defensive Driving, an excellent Internet resource which takes a sometimes humorous look at the serious business of driving safety.

Through the coming weeks, we will take a closer look at some of the driving habits that are the most dangerous, as well as some of the accident trends more specific to Massachusetts.

25 of Road Trip America’s 70 Rules of Defensive Driving:

1) Pay Attention 2) Don’t Trust (Anybody)!
3) Yield Anyway 4) Don’t Speed 5) Don’t Drive Impaired 6) Wear Your Seat Belt 7) Buy and Use Safety Devices 8) Motorcyclist, Protect Thyself 9) Don’t Run Red 10) Drive Precisely 11) Chill Out 12) Look Down the Road 13) Create Space 14) Drive to Communicate 15) Drive Predictably 16) Always Signal Your Intentions 17) Know Your Blind Spots 18) Avoid Distractions 19) Avoid Backing Up 20) Beware of Intersections 21) Be a Freeway Pro 22) Know how to Stop 23) Know when to use your Headlights 24) Slow down in Rain or Snow 25) Maintain your Tires
Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. But frequently they involve poor driving choices, such as distracted driving, speeding or disobeying red lights or other traffic control devices. By practicing safe driving habits, and by learning some of the defensive driving habits that can help keep you safe, motorists can sometimes reduce the risk of being involved in a serious or fatal Massachusetts traffic accident.

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