Technicality may have omitted Boston from Top 10 most dangerous driving cities

Boston car accidents have been attributed to drivers who are rude, foulmouthed and reckless. But the city has apparently caught a break in the new list of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities compiled by … if only because Massachusetts drivers don’t use the company’s service to purchase insurance.

Saying Boston residents are “world-renowned for their demolition derby driving style,” the company said Boston drivers might consider Baltimore “wicked scary.”

Baltimore topped the list of the most dangerous driving cities, with 36.5 percent of drivers who received a quote from the company admitting to a prior accident.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities for Drivers

Baltimore: 36.5 percent Johnstown, Pa.: 34.5 percent Portland, Maine: 33.4 percent Des Moines, Iowa: 33.2 percent Erie, Pa.: 33.1 percent Bangor, Maine: 32.9 percent Birmingham, Ala.: 32.4 percent Austin, Texas: 32.3 percent Manchester, N.H.: 32.2 percent Lincoln, Neb.: 31.8 percent
Top 10 Safest Cities by percentage of people who reported a car accident

Yuma, Ariz: 17.2 percent Flint, Mich.: 18.2 percent Traverse City, Mich.: 18.9 percent Detroit, Mich.: 18.9 percent Grand Rapids, Mich.: 20.7 percent Harlingen, Texas: 20.7 percent Albany, Ga.: 20.8 percent Lansing, Mich.: 21.3 percent Bakersfield, Calif.: 21.6 percent Fresno, Calif.: 21.8 percent.

Boston wasn’t included because the survey only used areas where at least 500 quotes for insurance were requested through in a six-month period.

Here in Boston, there is always “Wild in the Streets: the Boston Driver’s Handbook”

In 2007, Boston was ranked #3 for rude drivers.

Last year, AutoVantage ranked the city 9th most courteous, after having been ranked among the most discourteous in 2008, according to the Boston Business Journal.

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