Massachusetts Auto Coverage: Simple Ways to Lower Your Insurance Costs

Are you getting the car insurance coverage you need for the price you can afford? Coverage comes in all shapes and sizes and we’re all paying a little different. Men pay more than women. It’s a fact that’s stood true for years. Men are involved in more accidents and those accidents are also more severe, according to Yahoo. They’re also busted for more drunk driving incidents and they get more traffic violations than women.
“Men traditionally have been paying more for decades,” said Loretta Worters, vice president for the Insurance Information Institute (III).

Our Massachusetts car accident attorneys are here to help you to get more familiar with the coverages available and with the discounts that are available to you. That’s right. There are simple ways that you can lower the costs of your insurance policy. One of the easiest things that you can do is simply get older. The older you are the safer insurance companies think you will drive. One of the largest stages of insurance cost drops occur when a driver hits the age of 25. By this time, insurance companies feel that you possess enough experience behind the wheel and that you’ve matured enough to practice safe habits behind the wheel. But there are more discounts that can help to lower your insurance rates. Check ’em out!

Popular Car Insurance Discounts:

-Low Mileage: If you don’t drive that often then you’re not at a high risk for car accidents., insurance companies would like to reward these drivers.

-Pay-in-Full: When you pay for your insurance policy six months or a year in advance, insurance companies will reward you for it. They get their money and you get a discount. Everyone wins. This way, insurance companies don’t have to worry about being shortchanged and you don’t have to worry about late fees.

-In-Car Security: Nowadays, vehicles come equipped with more airbags, with anti-theft devices, with anti-lock brakes and more. These devices help to keep you out of an accident and they help to protect you should you get into one. Both of these advantages equate to less insurance payouts, which makes companies happy.

-Passive Restraint. Don’t you just love those seat belts that automatically buckle you in? Well, your insurer does, too.

-Bundled Insurance: Companies want to keep your business, and your money, too. When you insure more than your car with a company, they oftentimes will offer you a discount!

-Good Student: A car insurance company sees good grades and a good driver. Getting a good report card can help to bring down your kid’s insurance costs.

-Accident Free: Have you been good behind the wheel? Insurance companies don’t see you as a big threat and will reward you for your safe driving habits.

-Daytime Running Lights: Vehicles equipped with Daytime Running Lights as standard equipment could earn you a discount on certain car insurance coverages.

-Defensive Driving: For those who have completed a defensive driving course, you may be able to save on your premium.

-Military: Many insurance companies will give back to those who have served our country. If you are on active duty, retired from the Military, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves, you may be eligible for a discount, too.

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