Student Badly Injured in Brockton Pedestrian Accident

After a recent pedestrian accident in Brockton, a high school student was left with a bleeding liver and a plethora of other serious injuries. After much worry and many procedures, he’s looking like he’s going to make it.

The accident happened when the 16-year-student from Brockton High was crossing the street right in front of his school and was hit by an unlicensed driver. According to local police officers, the student was in the crosswalk when the accident happened. According to Police Lt. Paul Bonanca, the unlicensed driver of the van involved in the accident was cited by local officers for driving without a license, but no other charges regarding the accident have been revealed.
By the time the victim’s father got to the hospital, doctors had already cut him open. He was split from his chest to his waist as surgeons prepared to staunch the bleeding that could have killed him, according to Enterprise News. His liver was bleeding and doctors had to get it under control if they had any hopes on saving his life.

Our Boston pedestrian accident lawyers understand that these kinds of accidents, involving motor vehicles and pedestrians, happen all the time, especially in busy Massachusetts’ towns like Stockton and Boston. Pedestrians throughout the state are being struck by drivers who fail to acknowledge their presence. The father of this Brockton High student now knows that reality all too well.

“The doctor told me, ‘I can’t give you any guarantees until the (bleeding) stops, and we won’t know that until tomorrow,'” said the dad.

Sitting by his son’s bedside, the father witnesses all kinds of nurses and doctors frantically making frantic attempts to treat the young man. At one point a nurse grabbed the patients hand and screamed, “There’s no pulse!”

That night lasted forever, recalled the father.

Days later, the father got some good news. With odds against him, his son was moved from the intensive care unit and was moved over to a regular hospital room.

Although he’s in a regular hospital room now, his body is far from normal. In the accident, he was thrown about 30 feet and the impact ended up injuring his liver (causing internal bleeding), bruising his lungs and breaking his upper arm. Because of his internal bleeding, medical professionals with the Boston Medical Center’s intensive care unit had to slice him open from his neck to his waist. They’ve left the incision open so that they could go back in 24 hours and check on the bleeding again.

Thankfully, the bleeding was under control when doctors rechecked.

“It was the first good news,” said the student’s father. “I felt great. At that (point), I was confident about his recovery.”

Now, the student has to meet with a physical therapist each and every morning to regain full control of his body. Unbelievably, he’s able to walk but has much difficulty completely ordinary, everyday tasks. He remains in the hospital. Doctors don’t know when he will be able to return home as that relies on a full recovery which is a long way off.

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