Summer: Highest Risks for Teen Car Accidents in Boston and Elsewhere

The summer travel season is here! During this time, teenagers can be found all over our roadways. They’re out of school for the summer and they’re in search of some fun! Unfortunately, this is a time when they’re most likely to be involved in a car accident in Boston and elsewhere. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), this time of the year makes up the 100 deadliest days of the year for our teen drivers.
In just 2009, there were approximately 3,000 teenagers between the ages of 15- to 19-years-old who were killed in car accidents across the U.S. In addition to these fatalities, nearly 400,000 more were sent to emergency rooms for auto accidents. Nine out of the ten deadliest days for our teens on our roadways occur between the months of May and August.

Our Boston injury attorneys are asking parents and guardians to sit down and talk with their teen drivers about the risks and the consequences that they face on our roadways during this dangerous time of year. As we recently reported, teen drivers face some of the highest risks because of their inexperience and behavior behind the wheel, including distracted driving. The biggest distraction being text messaging. That’s why the state of Massachusetts launched the “It Can Wait” campaign last year, to help to get teens to put down the phone behind the wheel. Last year, about 10,000 students throughout the state were invited to be the audience of anti-distraction presentations. Many of these students even took the next step and signed pledges not to text and drive. Raising awareness and educating these young drivers is a step in the path to safer roadways and fewer accidents.

MADD is here to offer some excellent advice to help to get parents to spread the word to their teen drivers about the risks of dangerous and irresponsible driving habits. Officials suggest that parents set driving rules and regulations within their own household and stick strongly to enforcing them, especially while their young drivers are out on summer break.

Suggested Rules:

-Never drink alcohol and drive.

-All passengers should wear a seat belt during every single car ride.

-Electronic devices, including cell phones and text messaging devices, should stay out of the hands of the driver.

-Nighttime driving should be limited. Young drivers face higher risks for accidents during evening hours.

-Limit the number of passengers that your teen driver can have in their vehicle. With each passenger, your teen’s risks for a potentially fatal accident increase.

If you need more help creating some rules for your teen driver, consider checking out this parent-teen driving contract. Creating, enacting and enforcing rules may just be what’s needed to help to keep them safe on our roadways over their summer break.

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