SUV rollover accident injures two in Boston

A Fisher College campus police officer rescued a woman from an overturned Toyota SUV following a Boston car accident, the Herald reported.

The woman was trapped in the overturned vehicle in the Back Bay when the 63-year-old college police sergeant lowered himself through the passenger door to provide comfort and aid. The two-car accident happened at the intersection of Claredon Street and Commonwealth Avenue about 7:15 a.m. Thursday. The officer had just gone off duty after working the overnight shift when he ran to assist the victims of the crash.

The officer was able to start the car, which assisted firefighters with prying open a sunroof to free the woman. The woman and another victim were taken to Brigham and Women’s Hospital for treatment.

Sport Utility Vehicles are at high risk for rolling over in the event of an accident, which can lead to crushed roofs and serious and fatal injuries to motorists. A Boston injury lawyer should be consulted when an SUV is involved in a rollover accident in Massachusetts.

PBS reports more than 70,000 SUV rollover accident occur each year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that rollover accidents have a higher fatality rate than any other type of crash.

More than 10,000 people a year are killed in rollover crashes, accounting for one-third of all traffic fatalities.

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