Upgrade of Allendale Street could reduce risk of Boston car accidents

Driver complaints and stimulus funds are leading to much-needed improvements of one South Brookline roadway, the Boston Globe reports. A well-travelled, meandering curvy road near Faulkner Hospital – Allendale Street – has worried neighbors for years. Signage is poor, road surface conditions are patched and potholed and dividing lines and other road markings are completely faded. Residents complain that the foliage-lined swerving road already offers drivers poor visibility of oncoming traffic. Pair the nature of the roadway with the deteriorating road conditions and it is a recipe for disaster.

As our Boston car accident attorneys have reported in an earlier post to our Boston Personal Injury Attorney blog, this is not the first time neighbors have complained about potentially hazardous road conditions. With that said, a spokesman for the mayor’s office did tell the Boston Globe that and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has planned an upgrade for Allendale Street using stimulus funding from the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The project will begin mid-October and should take about three weeks and will include repaving and restriping.

According to a 2009 Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation study, roadway conditions are the single most lethal contributing factor in fatal car accidents nationwide – more so than speeding, impairment and failing to buckle up. In 2009, poor roadway conditions were linked to 52.7 percent of all U.S. fatal car accidents and 38 percent of non-fatal crashes. It is estimated that road-condition crashes cost the U.S. economy more than $217 billion annually in medical expenses, productivity costs, property damage and quality-of-life expenses.

For tips on how to safely navigate pothole-lined streets and roadways, check this Vehicle Vibe link offered here.

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