Three Injured When Car Crashes into Freedom Trail Tour Group

There are a lot of reasons so many people come to Boston each year while on vacation.  One of the reasons is to see the many historical sights, which date back to the days when New England was a colony.  When you walk around much of downtown Boston, you will notice a line of red bricks on the sidewalk.  This is the path of what is known as the Freedom Trail.  The name refers to the efforts of the colonist during the early days of the American Revolutionary War.

policelineSome tourists will choose to walk the Freedom Trail without a tour group and take their time to explore and see the sites.  Some will take a guided tour, so there is a tour guide who can explain the significance of the history they are seeing as they walk. According to a recent news report from the Boston Globe, there were three people injured when a car allegedly crashed into one of these tour groups.  One witness, who was in the area running a cart where he sold T-shirts and other souvenirs, said he heard what he described as an eruption of terror.

There were over 100 people screaming at the same sound time and everyone was running from the scene as the driver of a silver Mercedes allegedly crashed his car through the large group of people.  Witnesses say the driver of the vehicle then allegedly ran from the scene into a nearby building.  One woman who had been hit by the car in Boston was pinned underneath the vehicle, and there were bystanders trying to lift the car off her.

Authorities have said the driver was headed down School Street when he crashed into the Freedom Trail tour group as they were trying to cross School Street.  In total, the car hit two adult women and a young boy.  Their injuries are considered serious, but fortunately, they are not considered life threatening as of this time.

While some of the bystanders tried to help the Boston car accident victims while they waited for authorities to arrive, others went after the alleged driver of the Mercedes and cornered him in the building, so she could not escape the accident scene. The driver had grabbed her cell phone from the car and ran into a bagel shop franchise location while she waited for the police to arrive.

When the police arrived to the scene of the Boston car accident involving pedestrians, they took the woman out of the bagel shop and questioned her as part of their investigation.  As of this time, the police have not charged the woman with any crimes in connection with this matter.  They did not say whether they had issued any moving violations or whether they intended to charge her with any crimes in the future.  It should be noted that she has not been accused of any negligence in connection with this car accident as of this time.

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