Brady uninjured after Boston car accident

Tom Brady claims a minivan ran a red light and caused a Boston car accident in which the star quarterback of the New England Patriots was involved on Thursday morning, the Boston Globe reported.

Brady said he was driving in Back Bay when he entered the intersection at Commonwealth Avenue while traveling on Gloucester shortly after 6:30 a.m. He said the light was green when the minivan entered the intersection from the other direction. He said he swerved to avoid the crash but ended up broadsiding the van. The 21-year-old driver of the van also claimed to have the green light when he was struck by Brady’s Audi.

Police cited the other driver for running a red light, based on information from a witness. The witness said she was walking her dogs and could confirm that Brady had the green light. The Globe reports that the other driver has had his driver’s license suspended five times since first earning the right to drive in 2006.

Brady was uninjured. However, the father of the other driver had to be extracted from the minivan by the Jaws of Life.

Records show the at-fault driver has been cited repeatedly for not wearing a seat belt and failing to properly secure children in his vehicle. His license was suspended in 2008 for having amassed seven traffic citations in three years.

The New York Daily News reports that Brady’s Thursday got better as the day went on. By Thursday night he had signed a contract extension making him the NFL’s highest paid player at $19 million a season.

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