MADD vows to continue fight against drunk driving car accidents in Massachusetts

A new survey found that 80 percent of Americans consider drunk driving to be a primary threat to the safety of their family, a statistic that has Mothers Against Drunk Driving vowing renewed vigilance as we head into the heart of the 2010 holiday season when motorists will be most at risk for a drunk driving accident in Boston and throughout the rest of the nation.

Despite the concern from 4 of every 5 motorists, about 8 percent of all drivers – or some 17 million motorists – admitted to driving drunk in the last year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
“The survey makes one thing very clear: drunk driving remains a primary threat to the American family,” said Laura Dean-Mooney, MADD National President. “This means that MADD’s work won’t be done until cars are turned into the cure, eliminating drunk driving forever.”

Still, much progress has been made: Drunk driving fatalities have declined by 44 percent since MADD was organized 30 years ago. The survey found continued support for ignition interlock devices and sobriety checkpoints, two of the cornerstones of the organization’s “Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving.”

Like most poor driving habits, the survey also found that teen drivers are among the most at risk. About one-fourth of young males admitted to either driving drunk or riding in a car with a drunk driver at some point in the last year.

“We know that the younger kids start drinking alcohol, the more likely they are to become drunk drivers,” said Dean-Mooney. “This data reiterates that point and makes it clear that parents need to talk to their kids about the dangers of drinking underage early, and often.”

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