Car Crashes into Reservoir Outside of Boston

According to a recent news article from the CBS Local Boston, a car crashed into Norton Reservoir just south of Boston.  The crash occurred around noon when the 51-year-old driver apparently lost control of his vehicle and plunged into the cold waters of the reservoir.

car accidentAuthorities have said the vehicle cleared an embankment on the edge of the natural pond, which is about 600 acres in size.  His vehicle ended up about 100 feet from shore, but luckily, the lake has a maximum depth of around 12 feet and an average depth of three to four feet of water, so his vehicle was only submerged to just above the doors, instead of sinking all the way under water.  There were witnesses to this Boston area car accident, as the street on which he was traveling has a fair amount of traffic, and some of these witnesses immediately dialed 911. When first responders arrived, they were able to get him out of the car. Whenever a car is submerged under water, it creates tremendous pressure on the doors that can it make it very difficult to open them.  This makes it necessary in many of these cases for the victims to attempt to exit through a window.

After firefighters got the victim to shore, they were able to hook up a tow cable to the vehicle, and a flatbed tow truck was able to recover his vehicle as well.  It is likely totaled, but at least they were able to get out of the reservoir.  They also said there did not appear to be any environmental damage, which is always a concern in these types of situations.   Paramedics treated the victim for hypothermia and transported him to a local Boston area hospital for further treatment needed after his car accident. It should be noted that local police began a full investigation of the car crash.

One thing to keep in mind when you speak with an attorney about your Boston-area car crash, if you are the passenger in a single vehicle crash, is that you may have a valid claim against the driver of the car.  While it is possible there was another driver at fault that caused the car in which you were riding to crash, it is often up to the defendants’ car insurance companies to fight about who is actually responsible.  The point is that you are not responsible, and if you are in need of financial compensation following your accident, you will need an experienced attorney who will do what he or she can to fight for your rights to full and appropriate financial compensation.

A full and appropriate financial compensation can include money for lost wages for time spent not at work due to your car accident injuries and the need for treatment. You can also make a claim for compensation for pain and suffering, past medical bills and the cost of future medical expenses and treatment.  Your attorney can also make a claim for what are known as special damages.

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